How to get rid of problems


What problem would you like to get rid of in your life? Take that one you just thought of. Go with that.

I expect you’ve already given plenty of thought to how it could be solved. Or you’ve given mental energy to how the problem or issue could be cleared up.

And, right now, when you think about your problem or issue I bet your mind automatically jumps in with a stream of thoughts or questions or perhaps confusion around what could be done about it.

Well, let’s use an analogy that may be very helpful to you. I want you to imagine for a moment that your problem (whatever it may be) is represented by darkness. Based on that analogy — let’s ask ourselves the question:

“How do we get rid of darkness?”

Let’s say you walked into a room and it was in full darkness. It was pitch black and you couldn’t see a thing. And let’s further imagine you want to get rid of that darkness.

What would you do?

Would you try and physically push the darkness out of the room?

Would you try and physically pull the darkness out of the room?

Would you give the darkness a good talking to and command it leave the room?

Would you recite mantras or try and visualize the darkness leaving the room?

Or would you take a container (like say a Tupperware tub) into the room and fill that tub with darkness over and over again, each time disposing of the “captured” darkness somewhere outside the room; until all the darkness was completely gone from the room?

You already know you wouldn’t do any of those things. Because you already know that trying to get rid of darkness by attempting to remove the darkness is a futile exercise. No matter what you did, you’d never get rid of the darkness by trying to collect it up and remove it from the room.

So what would you do instead to get rid of the darkness?

You already know the answer to that as well, don’t you? Because what you would do is find the light switch and…

And the whole room would instantly be bathed in light. Darkness would disappear all on it’s own. Of course it would — because darkness cannot exist in light.

You know that.

But when it comes to problems (the proverbial darkness) you probably find yourself instinctively focusing on the problem, trying to get rid of it, right? Are you starting to see where I’m going with this?

That’s right — the solution is to take your attention off the problem (off the darkness) and instead TURN ON THE LIGHT!

The light is akin to Beingness. Problems cannot exist in Beingness. Just as darkness cannot exist in light.

So how do you “turn on” Beingness?

Again, the answer is simple: Through Releasing.

Releasing is the “light switch”. Releasing bathes you in Beingness. And again, no problems can exist in the presence of Beingness.

So — now you have an analogy that you can check-in against to see how you’re relating to your problems. And whenever you catch yourself trying to proverbially remove darkness from a room — you know you’re relating to your problem in a futile way.

The simple, effortless way is to turn away from the problem and turn toward Releasing. Releasing will shine the light of Beingness on any problem; and the problem will disappear on its own.

Yes it will!