How to improve your perception of others in order to achieve better results?


Perhaps the best way to deal with people is to remind ourselves of an old Barbra Streisand song that topped the charts several decades ago.  The song “People… needing other people… are the luckiest people…” is still an appropriate concept in this day and age.

If we were to stop for a moment and really think of all the people that are working on our behalf we would be genuinely surprised as to how many people really touch our life.  Folks working (as engineers, consultants, educators, vendors, law enforcement, technology experts, entertainers, culinary professionals, housekeepers, media representatives, members of clergy, clerks and administrators, etc.) are all doing what they do to contribute towards our having better service and enhanced communities.  So it seems much of the time when we hold onto negative perceptions such as disagreeing with others, blaming, withdrawing, that there is usually a deeper conflict or story running in the background of our own mind.

If we are continually focused on what others did or didn’t do, or we insist on seeing things from the perspective of what’s wrong, we are insisting on avoiding taking responsibility for what we are holding in mind.  When we are also mostly focused on things in a negative way, we may appear to have unrealistic expectations.  We may expect things to go a certain way without checking with others.  Or we may expect folks know what we mean through a brief message without fully explaining what we need.  And often we are creating our own levels of stress and chaos by assuming others know what we want.

When we think of all of the ways that we interact with one another, there are so many instances that we overlook our own involvement or judgment in regards to others.  Agreeably we are all busy in our own daily lives.  Each of us engages in various types of technology each and every day.  And although technology is a tremendous help, it also requires a lot of our time.  So perhaps among all human interactions, we tend to most overlook how much of our lives are influenced by technology.  Realistically in order for us to benefit from technology, involves our communicating with others.  Yet at times, it seems that we have all neglected to take into full consideration that most people are well-trained and mean well.  And like us, these folks in all walks of life, are providing their time or technical expertise to assist others in having a better life.

By beginning to hold in mind that our projects are being handled well; and that the folks working with us are doing a very good job, is truly the beginning of improving bottom line objectives and project outcomes.  In changing what we are holding in mind, also allows us to interact with others in a different way.  Instead of continuing to aggravate our self, it would be most positive and helpful for us to engage with others calmly.  Taking time to be more organized can help us tremendously in our dealings with others.  Making it a point to work with various resources or to ask for different perspectives may also point out other ways of doing things.  Clearly if we would make it a priority to choose to extend trust, flexibility, and a willingness to have more peaceful interactions, we would also experience even better outcomes.  In other words, creating a “Win-Win” situation for everyone involved.  It is our also holding in mind good intentions that our all of our projects are prosperous.

Improved perception of others also includes taking into account that technical components such as education, confidence, and experience are important factors in communicating with others.  Evaluating situations from these points of view are both a luxury and a necessity.  Another important aspect of project management and positive perception is extending gratitude to others and also to our self–regularly.  Gratitude is certainly a wonderful aspect of any project; and yet it often seems that this consideration is often eluded.  Why?  Because we often overlook that gratitude is about being positive.  Gratitude includes seeing goodness in others and in our self.  Gratitude is also about being optimistic.  Realistically, gratitude is also about working comfortably with others and having their expertise available to us, so that we don’t have to do everything.

So clearly there are many things that we can do to improve our perception of others.  And yet the most important consideration is to DECIDE that we can make incredible contributions towards our projects and communications with others, by making small changes in our attitude.  Decide each day to have a good day.  Have a positive intention for all you do.  Simple phrases such as, “All is well!”  “Everyone is doing a good job!”  And saying, “Thank you…!” are incredible ways of moving forward in a positive manner.  Continuing to learn and grow in positive ways will also greatly enhance your perception of others.  Take each day one at a time.  And most importantly make better decisions.  Life is truly a decision.