The root of all evil

All humans have one undeniable thing in common: we have an oversupply of feelings!

I don’t care where you are from, who raised you or how. I don’t care how much education you got or what language you speak. Feelings are a common denominator.

Those feelings, in huge or continuous amounts, can make us sick. Let’s look at that.

Grief? A large amount of untended grief makes you feel sick, maybe throwing you into depression. If this goes on very long, you may go to a doctor who may prescribe medication to you, which you may take.

Anxiety? Lots of anxiety, as in panic attacks and fear, could make you feel sick in the end. Sick when you even think about going out. About driving. About being in crowds or even just with a new person or two. Reluctant to get into an elevator. It just about ruins your confidence, not to mention your social life.

Anger? You may try to keep big doses of anger under control. But, mostly, it is going to pop one day. And knowing this makes you feel sick! You feel guilty about acting out. You resist apologizing about it (it happens so often, you’re apologizing all the time). You worry about when it’s gonna hit you again. You never know what’s going to trigger it. You are not safe to be around. It puts a serious crimp in your relationships at home and on the job.

Lust? Constant craving (yup, craving is a feeling!) to keep up with the Jones’es and have ever-more stuff, things, sex, vacations and expenses? It makes you feel sick. Remember that expression “sick with lust”? You lust to going shopping for awhile, but you cave in and spend way more than you’d planned on stuff you are not sure you want. You fib about what you have and what you have done, because you feel the urge to “be” more than you believe you are. All to impress someone. More, more and more!

Now you may say, well, my body is fine – I’m not sick!

Examine it with me. Do you feel good with all that grief, that fear, that anger, that itchy craving lust – at the moment you experience it? How about a bit later when the dust has settled?

No! You feel rotten, unwell, an urge to run, all balled up, like someone is beating you with a baseball bat… And feeling unwell, feeling rotten, that beat-up feeling is what I call being sick!

So what we are saying is that another thing (not just the feelings themselves) humans share in common is Emotion Sickness. Okay, you don’t notice that the overwhelming grief you feel is making your body sick. But it sure poisons life for awhile, doesn’t it? And that poison is sickness. And the same thing is going on – maybe under the radar – with all your other “drama”.

What do we know about fixing it?

  • We go to a doctor, maybe a shrink or other specialist, hoping for a pill or some therapy to “fix us”.
  • We ignore it and maybe stuff all the feelings and thoughts down with hours of TV or food or booze or just plain sleep.
  • Maybe we just explode every once in a while – hours of tears, huge blow-outs of ranting and raving – and hope for the best in the aftermath.

If you resonate with any of this …

… if you recognize that maybe, just maybe, your feelings are running your life …

if you are looking for a way not to have this be the continuing pattern in your life, try Releasing.

Releasing any feeling in one of the 3 ways the Abundance Course presents is a discreet, effective, permanent way to stop being sick because of your feelings.

  • Discreet, because no one “sees” you release.
  • Effective, because relief is instantaneous (really!).
  • Permanent, because feelings are the source, the cause of the problem, not the symptom.

Give it a try.