Letting go of perceived bad habits is the result of releasing and building momentum.  By understanding ‘how and why’ we act in the ways that we do is deciding to get bigger than our ego.  In deciding to overcome the habit of protecting ourselves with fear empowers us to be free of the bad habits.  How much longer are you willing to remain overweight?  How much longer are you going to tolerate that smoking or swearing habit?  Notice no one can make these decisions for you.  If you are choosing to assign your happiness to others, to things, you are choosing to let your ego decide what you can have.  How much longer are you willing to let your life run on automatic?  How many more years are you going to watch come and go and still find yourself stuck in unhappiness?  Now is the time to positively decide that you would like to be FREE of your bad habits.

In order to be free of a perceived bad habit, we have to consciously choose to corner our fear and resistance in relation to the habit.  We have to be willing to dig up the AGFLAP, uncover the aversions, and be willing to take responsibility for everything related to these habits.  Lester Levenson has said, “That the things we put in our mouth are far less offensive than the thoughts we hold in mind in relation to these things (i.e. food, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.).  By moving into higher energy and learning to hold in mind what we want allows us to begin to let go of these habits easily and effortless.  If we choose to let go of an overeating habit, we may decide to work on a goal that says, “I allow myself to eat foods that are light and healthy.”  Or perhaps you may decide to work on a goal that says, “I allow myself to weigh my ideal weight of ( ### ) on or before (  date  ).  Then begin to knock out the excuses in the way.  Maybe your goal is to quit smoking.  Well your goal might be something like, “I allow myself to enjoy a smoke-free lifestyle.”  Whatever the habit is, hold in mind what you want.  Avoid unrealistic goals such as losing excessive weight in a week or giving up cigarettes in one or two days if you have indulged in this habit for many years.  Realistically these habits were sustained over a period of time, so you may choose to have a target goal of weighing 5-pounds less on or before a specific date or perhaps cutting back on smoking.  Once the mini-goal is achieved, continue with the goal by keep letting go of what excuses and limitations in the way.  Keep your goal statement worded simply.  You can check your Abundance Course book or CDs for examples of appropriate goal statements that maybe more in-line with your goal. Whatever the goal, habit, or fear, please know that you can easily eliminate these habits from your life.  You no longer have to suffer in silence.  At anytime between 9:30 am – 5:30 pm PST, Monday thru Friday, you can call the mentor line (free of charge) and have one of our trained staff members work with you on establishing a goal statement that is right for you.  You certainly can use any of your releasing CDs and work specifically on your goal.  Listening to the Wednesday night call or replay calls are also wonderful ways for you to continue to work on your goal and knock out the resistance.

Releasing is a skill that will deliver on its promise if you choose to do the work.  Habits are only there as a reminder to us indicating there is a pocket of negativity that requires our attention.  Each time you release, you will become happier and lighter.  Breaking bad habits is intentionally deciding that you no longer wish to sustain this burden.  Releasing offers you a bona fide opportunity that is scientifically proven for you to be “FREE” of whatever perceived bad habit(s) that you wish to eliminate.  Believe there truly is a way out of misery and suffering.  Regardless if you have been releasing for a week, a year, or a decade or more, take a moment and look at what do you really want to leave behind.  Look at your relationships.  Look at what isn’t working in your life.  See if there are financial or health concerns that you have been avoiding.  Be willing to look at your attachments and aversions to these topics.  Lester Levenson and Larry Crane teach us that “Freedom” includes no attachment and no aversion.  We are all FREE to have or not have… FREE to do or not do… and FREE to be anything we choose.  Remember there are no limitations other than what we are holding in mind.  Let go of your limitations and gain mastery over the perceived habit(s). Host a victory for FREEDOM!  You can do it!