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Start using this simple

“Go within and release” ​

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  • Attract more financial abundance and effortless success into your life in the remainder of 2020 - and beyond. (And do so irrespective of COVID restrictions or how badly you’re affected by the economy)…
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  • Get yourself “unstuck” from any situation that is not working for you…
  • And overall feel more “aliveness” and joyfulness inside at all times…

Dear Reader,

If you’d like to be financially secure and more effortlessly successful in life – irrespective of Covid restrictions or how badly you’re affected by the economy

– then you’re in the right place.

See on this page…

You’re going to learn about a simple technique you can use (on-the-spot, as you go about your day) to rapidly “disappear” any and all uncomfortable thoughts or feelings that arise…

You’re going to discover the true story of the amazing man – a New York physicist — who is responsible for bringing this life-changing technique to the world (for all of us to use and benefit from in all areas of life)…

And you’re going to be introduced to and hear the direct video testimony of a variety of people (people just like you) who have used the simple technique to give themselves…

What Can Only Be Called A “Problem-Free” Life

`How is that even possible in today’s world?’ you may be thinking.

Well, it all starts with a New York physicist and businessman, named Lester Levenson.

I’m going to tell you about Lester Levenson’s amazing story in just a moment – along with how he devised and used a simple technique to completely heal and transform his “broken” body and clear up all problems in his life.

Plus, I’m going to tell you how you too can use the very same technique that Lester Levenson devised to flood your mind and body with a sense of…

Total Calm & Ease at All Times

Imagine for a moment…

  • No more tension, stress or ache-and-pains in your body…
  • No more feelings of frustration or resentment at the world or other people in it…
  • No more feeling fed up, bored or “hemmed-in” by all the restrictions and constrictions being placed upon us by the pandemic and the politicians…
  • And no more feeling insecure or scared about the future…

Instead, all those bad feelings — (that really only exist as “contracted energy” in your consciousness) — will finally be released using the simple technique I’m going to share with you…

…and what will naturally emerge for you (in their place) is a feeling of “effortless flow,” relaxation and ease.

It is such a delectable feeling. Unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

It’s a feeling of effortlessness that you can experience directly once you understand what Lester Levenson discovered (while literally at “deaths door”) and how you can use his technique for yourself.

Here’s the true and fascinating story about that:

Lester Levenson

In 1952, at the age of 42, Lester Levenson — a New Jersey physicist and successful businessman — suffered his second massive heart attack.

In those days they did not have bypass surgery or heart transplants. So there was very little the hospital could do for him.

So, Lester was sent home from the hospital – with a “diagnosis” of just two weeks to live, three at the most.

Naturally, Lester was extremely fearful of dying.

He even contemplated ending it all by overdosing on the morphine his doctor had prescribed him.

But Lester didn’t take his own life.

Nor did he die of another heart attack a few weeks after being released from hospital.

Quite the contrary, in fact.

See Lester – in his utter desperation“went within” and discovered that he could release the “contractions in his consciousness” that ultimately caused his heart attack and all the other problems in his life.

And just by releasing these “contractions in his consciousness,” Lester was able to totally heal his body and entered into a totally peaceful and blissful state

Just 3-Months After Being Told By His Doctor He Only Had Two to Three Weeks Left to Live

His whole life transformed into one of effortless ease and abundance.

Lester had always “worked like a dog” to make and hold onto money… but since discovering how to release “contractions in his consciousness” around money… Lester became more financially prosperous than he’d ever been.

Funny thing is – after discovering the technique, Lester never really worked at making money in the traditional sense of working.

All he did was release any “contraction in his consciousness” around money – and money would effortlessly show up in his life in abundance.

In fact, Lester became a multi-millionaire (back in the 1950s – when that was a serious amount of money) without even trying or efforting at it at all.

Moreover, Lester went on to live a very peaceful, joyous and abundant life (in every sense of the word) for another 42 years after his so-called “life-ending” heart attack.

Lester was a very private, quiet man – not “showy” at all (The complete opposite of a “Tony Robbins” type character).

But word got out about Lester Levenson back in the 1970s (people were just naturally attracted to his peaceful energy and his effortless approach to life).

Actors and actresses sought him out.

Businessmen and celebrity agents, too.

People who “wanted to make it in the world” were very drawn to Lester.

They saw in Lester someone who was living proof that both material wealth and spiritual abundance are attainable without having to “lose who you are”.

Long story short, many of Lester’s “students” went on to totally transform their lives into ease and abundance.

And today, Lester’s technique (called the Release Technique) is responsible for some really amazing transformations in people’s lives.

Take Bill for example in this video:

If you clicked play on the short video above you will have heard Bill say that all he does now is use the Release Technique (it’s what he does “for a living” if you will) and it produces all the results for him in his life.

His financial life is so good he need not do anything really anymore (he doesn’t need a job nor run any kind of business to generate an income).

He has great health.

Peace of mind.

Better relationships.

Has plenty of time to take frequent relaxing walks and visit with others.

And his finances are smooth and always improving all the time.

All thanks to the Release Technique.

The Release Technique “takes care” of all his financial abundance.

Bill is not a one-off case.

Far from it.

Take Lesley for example.

Lesley turned around her debt in six months after starting to use the Release Technique in her life.

She’s no longer in debt.

In fact, she’s DOUBLED her monthly income

And, perhaps even better, she has been able to clear up a lot of conflicts in her life.

As Lesley says, “It’s not a matter of time. It’s a matter of a decision and using the [Release Technique] steps.”

You can see Lesley speak to you in person in this short video:

And then there's Carrie...

Carrie started practicing the Release Technique and since then her income has as much as TRIPLED.

As Carrie says, “Money keeps appearing. And I don’t always know where it comes from, it just seems to appear when I need it.”

Carrie also reports that, “Every area of my life has become smoother, it’s become easier, it’s become more enjoyable and happier.”

You can see Carrie speak to you in person in this short video:

There are many, many more who have used the Release Technique to experience greater financial abundance in their lives – irrespective of their job, business or regular income.

  • Others have used the Release Technique to improve their relationships.
  • Or to find themselves the perfect romantic partner.
  • Still others have used the Release Technique to lose weight and feel better about themselves.

Take for example Jan Senker

(a nurse kinesiologist) who lost 63lbs — and kept it off — using the Release Technique.

She’s dropped all her personal hang ups about her body image.

And has also got off the yo-yo dieting “hamster wheel” (after being on it for years).

In fact, Jan says she now feels wonderful because she knows she’ll never go back to being the overweight person with all the body issue hang ups she had before.

All because she used the Release Technique to zero-in on the subconscious programs about her body that were ruining her life.

Can you imagine losing and forever keeping off all the weight you want to lose…

And finally being free of all hang ups about your body and how you look?

That’s what people are reporting after using the Release Technique to knock out the subconscious programming that has kept them overweight no matter what they’ve tried.

Take Kevin Senker for example:

Kevin struggled with his body weight his entire life.

He’s tried everything from Weight Watchers to the Cabbage Soup Diet.

Sure, he did lose some weight on those diets… but the weight always came right back on again!

Maybe you know that feeling only too well!

But, after all that dieting, Kevin then tried something different — he tried the Release Technique on his body weight issues.

The result?

Since using the Release Technique Kevin has lost 98lbs.

Better still: that weight has now stayed off (which it never did before, by dieting alone).

Even better still: Kevin says he now KNOWS it’s going to be that way for life. 

The Release Technique has given him the weight loss he’s wanted his entire life… 

…AND the *knowingness* that this time (finally) the extra weight is never coming back again.

That’s a big slice of freedom for Kevin right there.

An issue that’s been a problem for him his whole life. Quickly gone and dealt with once and for all — just by using the Release Technique on the issue.

No wonder Kevin describes it all as a profound new happiness that’s come around because of the Release Technique.

You can see both Jan and Kevin tell you their results in this short 1.23 minute video:

Then there's Wes.

Through dieting (along with a lot of willpower) Wes was able to lose 40lbs.

But his goal was to lose 50lbs of bodyweight.

And no matter how much he dieted, what kind of diet he followed or how strictly he ate… Wes could never lose that last stubborn 10lbs.

So what did Wes do?

He used the Release Technique on his issue is what he did.

And that’s when the last (“unmovable”) 10lbs of weight quickly dropped off of him.

But that’s not even the whole story.

See Wes got another significant health result by using the Release Technique…

You could say it’s even more significant than his weight loss result.

That’s because Wes was also able to use the Release Technique to bring down his dangerously high blood pressure.

Specifically, his blood pressure (according to Wes himself) went from 179/110 to 106/62.

That is quite some reduction in blood pressure. From dangerously high. To healthy.

You can see Wes tell you his results directly in this short 1.10 minute video:

There are plenty more personal testimony stories like those above. Hundreds of them.

And the reason is simple: The Release Technique works where nothing else has.

And the reason why? It’s this:

The Release Technique Takes You Directly Into Living From The “Flow State” – So You Can Start Achieving Things And Having Things With Seeming Ease

More specifically, here’s WHY the Release Technique is different and better working than any other “change-technique” out there.

A full 95% of self-help / personal change techniques on the market today are about psychological manipulation.

These psychological manipulation techniques – like NLP, affirmations, mantras, traditional goal setting, positive thinking etc — are all about adding information to the mind in order to bring about a change of actions and a change of results.

Very rarely does anyone make fast change or improvement in their life with those types of adding information to the mind techniques. And if any improvements do occur – they are always a struggle to maintain.

A few (only about 5%) of the more effective techniques facilitate you through the subtraction (or letting go) of certain isolated beliefs that are (a): causing unrest in your body / mind and (b): are standing in the way of you living the fullness of life and happiness you most desire.

These belief elimination techniques are good. But it can take months – and most likely years – for you to eliminate all the beliefs that are sabotaging you from living the full abundant and happy life you most desire.

That leaves us with The Release Technique.

What Makes The Release Technique Different (And Better) Than Anything Else On The Market?


The Release Technique works directly on “pulling up and getting rid” of the underlying “FEELING programs” (and not just isolated beliefs) that cause every negative (limited) thought, belief, feeling and unwanted circumstance in your life.

Put another way:

The Release Technique works for you so ALL limited beliefs, feelings and worldly struggle fall away and you simply KNOW everything you want and need is being created for you in the most perfect way possible – so you just FEEL like doing (or not doing) the right things at the right time.

Therefore, The Release Technique is not so much a belief-change technique as it is an enjoyable way for you to live from your natural flow state.

And when you live from that flow state (where there’s no struggle or stress)…

The things you want (more money, better health, the right relationships etc) just begin “showing up” in your life just in the process of living

So, if you’ve tried umpteen different self-improvement techniques and they haven’t work for you as you’d like – you owe it to yourself to try THE most direct solution to all of life’s problems: The Release Technique.

But you don’t have to believe a word anyone else says. That’s because…

The Release Technique is INSTANTLY PROVEABLE In Your Own Life…

Unlike positive thinking, affirmations, goal setting techniques and most other “energy” and “healing” modalities…

The direct results of The Release Technique can be experienced (internally) right away.

As soon as you use The Release Technique you’ll begin to feel calmer, more relaxed… and just feel more fully aliveness inside and positive about everything.

And when you live from this place of full aliveness and peace inside – abundance (in all its forms) will naturally just start showing up in your external world.

  • Money will appear.
  • Your existing relationships will get better.
  • The right people at the right time will come into your life – including a romantic partner if that’s what you want.
  • Opportunities will find you.
  • And all resistance to achievement and “getting things done” will drop away.

Everything In Your Life Will Start Working For A Change… Without You Even Having To “Try”

Which, let’s face it, is what we all want…

A life that works.

A life that feels good.

A life that doesn’t wear us down in the process.

And that’s why over (number ??????) people have been drawn to using the Release Technique over the past ? years.

And here’s something else you should know:

Which, let’s face it, is what we all want…

A life that works.

A life that feels good.

A life that doesn’t wear us down in the process.

And here’s something else you should know:

You Are Never Left “On Your Own” With The Release Technique:

The Release Technique is not just a home-study product you purchase.

With The Release Technique you also are eligible to receive free personalized one-on-one Release Technique coaching on the real pressing issues, situations and problems occurring in your life.

This personalized coaching is a $3,000 value…

But You Get It FREE, To Use And Take Advantage Of Whenever You Want

For example:

Let’s say you go through a particularly traumatic experience – like a relationship breakup, a financial crisis or lose a job…

If that’s the case, just pick up the phone and a qualified “releaser” will work with you personally to facilitate you through The Release Technique on your particular specific issue and “free you” from the overwhelming emotional charge surrounding it.

Then, when the emotional charge and “mind chatter” are gone and you’re in that “place” of pure present moment awareness the releasing facilitator will help you use The Release Technique to create the perfect life outcome for your particular issue or crisis.

In other words, this is not about offloading a product onto you – it’s about working with you directly to facilitate the change(s) / result(s) you want to make in your life.

We’re not aware of anybody else out there that offers additional coaching for free for a full year. At The Release Technique we do.

Anyway, for you to use and benefit from The Release Technique (which is taught to you and demonstrated for you in our flagship product The Abundance Course) – and get access to the complimentary $3,000 personalized one-on-one coaching – the investment is normally: $279.

But now you can get The Abundance Course in digital download format (so you can start following along to it and start getting results from it right away) for just $279 $199 (an immediate $80 saving).

Which works out at just a smidge over 54 cents a day over the course of a year.

And once you know how to use the Release Technique – you know how to use it for the rest of your life to…

  • Attract more financial abundance and effortless success into your life. (And do so irrespective of COVID restrictions or how badly you’re affected by the economy)…
  • Eliminate problems, frustrations and bad habits from your life…
  • Get yourself “unstuck” from any situation that is not working for you…
  • And overall feel more “aliveness” and joyfulness inside at all times…

But please do not put this off – because the price will likely rise back up to $279 or more any day now. Maybe even as soon as tomorrow.

And don’t worry — you don’t even have to make a “final decision” on it right now.

That’s because The Abundance Course (which guides you directly through using the Release Technique) comes with a…

30-Day No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You have a full 30-days to check everything out once you receive The Abundance Course… so you know with every fibre of your being… that what I’ve shared with you on this page, doesn’t even come close to the life-changing material you’ll be taking possession of.

And if you’re unhappy for any reason – or no particular reason whatsoever – you can get a full refund on The Abundance Course package.

You do not need to give a reason for asking for a refund. Your word is good enough.

Here’s how to get The Abundance Course – and learn how to use the Release Technique to finally experience that elusive “effortless” state of being where everything you want in life effortlessly starts showing up for you in the best way possible:

Three Ways to Learn
Release Technique
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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The Release Technique Team

PS. One more thing: as soon as you order The Abundance Course (that facilitates you through the process of using The Release Technique)…

You Also Get These FREE Bonuses:

FREE bonus #1

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You’ll receive the rare audio recording of “In My Own Words” in which you receive personal tips from Lester Levenson (the founder of the Release Technique), on how to achieve that natural state he called “Happiness With No Sorrow.”

FREE bonus #2

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As a second bonus you will receive another rare Lester Levenson audio, titled: “Will Power”(it’s not what you think) — in which Lester talks about the role that will power plays in helping to free oneself from self-imposed limitations.

FREE bonus #3

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As a third bonus – you also get the audio which covers “How To Eliminate Resistance to Having Success” in which I will walk you through very powerful exercises to bring you up into a place of quiet, powerful, “beingness.” A place where you will experience a rich taste of the state of limitlessness that Lester enjoyed everyday. The name of this tape is the “General Clean-up Tape.”

FREE bonus #4

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You also get my brand new audio, “How To Be In Release 24 Hours A Day” – which, as the titled states, will teach you how to be in releasing mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what you’re doing. This audio will show you how to blow the suppression hinges off your resistance and allow many years of suppressed negativity to come up and out with ease.

FREE bonus #5

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The fifth bonus is “Become a Millionaire and Have Health and Happiness.” You are shown how to use Lester’s famous “Butt System” so you can have unlimited abundance in all areas of your life.

Just those four FREE bonuses alone have a value of $125.00 – but…

You Can Get Them Today For... FREE!

But remember – hurry:

These bonuses may not be available for free for very much longer. They will likely be sold as separate audios very soon.

And the price of The Abundance Course will likely jump back up to $279 (or more) as soon as we have properly price tested.

But today you can get The Abundance Course for just $199 (which works out at just over 26 cents a day over the course of a year!)