Why Experience the

Release technique?

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Here’s The “Big Aha” In 91 Words…

Everything that happens in your life is a “reflection” of your consciousness.


The thinking mind cannot understand this. So, the thinking mind will fight it and come up with reasons why it’s not true.

But it is true.

It’s just that you cannot “see it” from here.

You can only “see it” once you’ve released the “subconscious energy” that is currently blocking all the happiness and abundance you could be experiencing.

You cannot understand this intellectually.

But you can prove it to yourself. Through direct experience.

Only through direct experience.

That’s what The Release Technique leads you to… direct experience.

First, you simply notice tendencies in your life that keep “pushing” you off course.

You’ll recognize these tendencies easily.

From the tendency to put things off… the tendency to overeat… the tendency to wake up in the middle of the night unable to sleep… all are examples of tendencies that are not serving you.

These tendencies limit you… sabotage you…prevent you from living your life to your full potential.

This Is Where The
Release Technique Comes in…

Upon noticing a tendency as it arises in your life…

The Release Technique guides you into the direct experience of letting go of the “subconscious energy” that is holding the tendency in place.

Once this “subconscious energy” is released… the tendency itself collapses… so it’s not there anymore.

It’s gone.

For good.

The tendency is no longer there in your life to “push” you off course.

Each limiting tendency can be “let go of” — on the spot through as it arises — through The Release Technique.

It’s like this…

Notice the tendency.

Release on it.

Be free of it.

That’s it.


One-by-One You Become Free From
All Limiting / Self-Sabotaging Tendencies

This “frees up” a lot of life-energy for you.

No longer are you subconsciously (unknowingly) using up energy to hold limiting / self-sabotaging tendencies in place.

With this released freed-up energy…

Life suddenly becomes easier for you.

More effortless.


Life Begins To Naturally Unfold In
Very Positive Ways For You

This is when life becomes more fun.

More joyful.

More relaxing.

And, on top of that…

All areas of your life… from health, relationships to career and wealth get better for you.

It’s Like Life Suddenly
“Clicks Into Place” For You

It’s a wonderful feeling.

A wonderful feeling that has to be experienced. Directly.

The Release Technique guides you into that direct experience.

All you have to do is listen to The Release Technique course and follow-along to the simple guided releasing exercises.

That’s it.

You don’t have to try to change negative thinking into positive thinking. That will happen for you naturally through listening to The Release Technique course.

You don’t have to try to feel better than you do. That will happen for you naturally through listening to The Release Technique course.

No intellectual understanding of how it works is required at all.

Just an openness to be guided into the direct experience of releasing (letting go) of limiting tendencies.

Ready for the direct experience of The Release Technique so you can begin the effortless process of releasing limiting / self-sabotaging tendencies from your life?

If so, The Release Technique course is for you – if you are open to improving your life without struggle

The Release Technique course is all you need to directly experience living in the abundant flow of life.

Three Ways to Learn

As well as the course (that you can listen and follow along to on your own whenever you want)…

You also get…

Ongoing Free Coaching

(Easily Worth $10,000 or more!)

Any time you have a question… or you get stuck on an issue using The Release Technique – you get a private call-in number you can use to speak directly with a trained Releaser (not a customer service operator!). The trained Releaser will answer all your questions directly, and most importantly work with you personally through the releasing process on the specific issue you need help with.

This is a HUGE benefit.

Because you’re never on your own with The Release Technique. You always have personal one-to-one help with a trained Releaser at your service.

Consider: Other companies charge $10,000 or more for just a years’ coaching – but you get UNLIMITED COACHING free with The Release Technique course.

Release Technique
Digital Online Course

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When you select one of the options you also get immediate digital download free access to these 7 bonuses that help you get the very best out of The Release Technique:

FREE bonus #1

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You'll receive the rare audio recording of "In My Own Words" in which you receive personal tips from Lester himself, on how to achieve that natural state he called "Happiness With No Sorrow".

FREE bonus #2

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As a second bonus you will receive another rare Lester audio, titled: "Will Power" - (it's not what you think) - in which Lester talks about the role that will power plays in helping to free oneself from self-imposed limitations.

FREE bonus #3

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And, a third free bonus audio covers "How To Eliminate Resistance to Having Success" (called the "General Clean-up" CD) which I will walk you through very powerful exercises to bring you up into a place of quiet, powerful, beingness. A place where you will experience a rich taste of the state of limitlessness that Lester enjoyed everyday.

FREE bonus #4

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My brand new CD, "How To Be In Release," will teach you how to remain in releasing mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what you're doing. This CD will show you how to blow the suppression hinges off your resistance and allow many years of suppressed negativity to come up and out with ease.

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The fifth bonus is "Health." I will show you how to use Lester's famous 'Butt System' so you can have unlimited abundance in all areas of your life without lifting a finger.

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The sixth bonus is on "Anger Management." It shows you how to eliminate anger and frustration.

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The seventh bonus is "How to have Unlimited Health & Wellness"

You Risk Nothing Under My
100% Money-back Guarantee

It’s not just my guarantee. It’s my promise to you. Please take a full 30 days to try The Release Technique course risk-free.

If you are not 100% convinced The Release Technique is the key to unlocking your full potential in life… simply let me know within 30-days for a no-questions-asked refund of your entire purchase price.

Release Technique
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
FREE Phone Support!


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