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“Seven years ago I was managing a pizzeria. I made $30,000 a year and all the pizza I could eat. (Fortunately it was good pizza.) I started releasing seriously. It happened so easily-now I own my own business, have a wonderful lifestyle, and have a multimillion dollar net worth. And I’m so much happier than I’ve ever been.” - Steven Winn, IA

“Bought a house at $55,000 lower than the asking price effortlessly – without going through much negotiation. This course is a life saver.” - Yean Joo, Australia

“When the company I worked for was sold, we had a pension plan that got stuck with other legal matters. It was going to take five or more years to get the money. It took only two and a half. But the best thing is not this. They sent me a file specifying how much I was going to receive and it said $74,187.96. I thought it was cool, because I was expecting around $48,174.00. When I called the bank to check if I received the money, they actually deposited $92,494.08. I could not have done this without The Release Technique. This is the true ticket to abundance of having everything in life.” - Mario Califfa, Brazil

“Just sold my warehouse for $1,725,000 after nearly going bankrupt for a year, thanks to The Release Technique. This is the most valuable course I’ve ever learned and I’ve looked into all self-help courses.” - Georjean Herzwig, NY

“I moved into a $500,000.00 house – no mortgage, no expenses, everything else is free, thanks The Release Technique.” - Anna Sobiechart, MI

“I recently discovered the Release Technique and decided to take the Abundance Course. From the beginning something seemed to resonate with me. I listened intensely to all of Lester’s talks and kept working thru the course material . During this time I began to feel that I could get off the Medication and started to reduce the dosage and with in a few months I was able to stop taking all the PTSD medication completely. That was about a year ago and I have not taken any medication since. For the first time I feel that I have a method that can overcome the symptoms of PTSD. I can attribute my current successes to the Release technique. The future now looks brighter, and hope is being restored. I begin to feel like Lester’s method is the one I have been looking for all along. I took the method for checking and proved it to myself. To say the least, it makes sense,is easily applied and gets results quickly. I can highly recommend your method to anyone that is seeking a solution to PTSD.” - Rick Kozen, TN