If you have a body issue — illnesses with med’s, fitness or weight ups and downs, aches and pains whether passing or chronic — the Release Technique is my recommended healing solution.

The Method presents 3 powerful ways to release, all of which are useful in getting rid of even “serious” body issues.

Why? Every illness or body problem is an Emotion Sickness! The Release Technique excels in dumping feelings in 3 easy ways.

When I came to the Release Technique, I had a 15-year chronic hot pain in my gut which was with me day and night. Also, a year before learning the Method, I developed a neurological disorder — the doctor said, “Learn to live with it.”, which is doctor-speak for “I don’t know how to fix you.” So I’d had the first pain for 15 years and was looking at future decades with the new disorder.


The Release Technique dissolved the chronic pain without me even focusing on it as a specific exercise. One day after 4-6 weeks of daily release practice on other issues, I noticed it was gone! It has never returned. In the course of “general purpose” releasing and releases on other topics, I had let go of whatever had been the cause of the pain.

I set a goal with “the disorder” as the Method guided me. I released over 2 consecutive days and on day 3, I woke with no trace of it — no symptoms at all! It also has never returned.

I fired my neurologist at my next visit. The look on his face was priceless! I have not consulted a doctor since then; I have been in great health. When any little thing comes up, I release it pronto!

The Release Technique is subtle, direct, simple — and absolutely effective. (We teach it to 4 and 5 year olds who use it with success). Don’t believe me, though — each one can and should prove it to himself.