—just a quick note that updates are coming very soon—

This past weekend, Larry hosted a conference with the teachers and staff to sharpen their proficiency and share new techniques that empower releasers to knock out limiting thoughts and feelings near instantaneously.

If you’re finding yourself stuck, there’s no better time to call in for support.

In the meantime, until we all get settled in and back on track here, let me take a moment to remind you that it’s not over ‛til it’s over.

If you’ve been to any live class, you’ve probably seen the tissue box demonstration that encourages the welcoming of any and all feelings that come up for releasing.

As the feelings (tissues) are continually welcomed up, the box gets lighter and the remaining feelings fly out faster and more easily.

Eventually the box becomes empty.

Just remember to keep welcoming the feelings up and release them. As you do, you’ll get lighter and lighter and lighter.

As you persist to the very end, the box becomes empty, all inner turmoil ceases and you fall into the endless calm that Lester talks about.

See you soon.