Here we are in mid-January and it’s a good time to review where we are with our new year’s resolutions.  For most folks the New Year has come and gone; and along with that is the relief that the holiday season is officially over.  After January reaches the mid-way point, our enthusiasm about keeping our resolution(s) seems somewhat diminished.  So it appears that resolutions are something that many folks really don’t expect to have come true, which is probably why so many people give up on their resolutions.  Many people initiate a resolution usually because of wanting approval from others.  Resolutions at the New Year are based on a belief that suggests this activity is something we are supposed to do.  Whenever we are supposed to do something, it kind of feels like a burden, and we therefore seem to dismiss or toss aside whatever we hoped to resolved.

The good news about resolutions is the mind is creative.  So our resolution is showing us something that we would like to achieve.  By making resolutions, suggests there are some things that we would like to resolve. By deciding to release and go all the way to completion means we keep chipping away at our tendencies and limitations.  A resolution is actually, if used correctly, is an intention to let go of holding onto situations that make us unhappy.  A common resolution includes reducing weight.  By approaching this topic as an area of dissatisfaction, we can begin looking at our resistance.  If we would approach all subjects as simply an opportunity to release our non-loving feelings, we can make huge strides in overcoming those areas that we deem as frustrating or unresolved.  Lester Levenson and Larry Crane have said, “If we had no fear, no wanting, or no resistance, we could have anything easily and without struggle.”  We struggle because we are trying to eliminate that which we don’t want; instead of holding in mind that which we would like to have.  Once again, the mind is only creative so by disapproving of something, we are sustaining the exact issue we would like to change.  For example, issues with weight present many opportunities for us to release.  The weight issue may be related to negative perceptions regarding family members, TV personalities, or other associations.  We may use food to avoid doing certain things.  We may also use food as a means of protection, which is protecting ourselves with fear.  Trust when we aren’t happy with our weight, there are many issues that we are holding onto.  The actual number on the scale or the amount of weight we would like to lose, are also indications that we have attachments and aversions to the issue of our weight.  We avoid working on the issue of weight because we really don’t want to know why we created this limitation for our self.  Limited beliefs keep the unwanted weight in place.  Our beliefs also affect our feeling unworthy and somewhat disempowered.  The typical approach to the issue of weight loss is figuring out what is wrong followed by disapproval (of our self and the weight issue).  Until we face the underlying issue(s) related to the weight issue(s), we will continue to struggle with weight challenges.

Issues related to our weight are showing us things we do not like about ourselves and yet continue to ignore. We have all worked very hard to suppress our feelings regarding our weight.  This is also why the weight issue remains.  Remember, what we resist, will persist!  Everyone has many negative associations related to their weight and body image.  If this really is an area you would like to address, please make a decision to apply your releasing skills in relation to your weight.  By releasing the suppressed feelings, frees us from holding onto limited beliefs, being stuck, and feeling unmotivated, undeserving and frustrated.  Begin by having a positive goal such as, “I allow myself to weigh my ideal weight (?), by (?)” and begin knocking out the limitations.  Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to complete your goal.  Also be willing to break goal into smaller amounts if the weight issue is one that you have been dealing with for some time.  Even if the desired weight loss is a relatively small amount (10-15 pounds), this is showing us we are holding onto resistance.  Perhaps another goal may include reducing our weight by 5 pounds within the next month.  By dealing with issues related to weight in this way, we are being realistic with our expectations.  We are willing to achieve smaller weight loss gains in order to achieve our total goal.  Many people have lost weight simply by releasing their disapproval towards: food, calories, and the number on the scale.  By releasing associations on negative labels such as fat or unattractive, etc. has also helped folks to reduce their weight and feel better.  The folks that have given themselves permission to move beyond weight challenges are holding Step No. 1 in mind.  They decided to have imperturbability more than they wanted approval, control or safety.  In other words, achieving their goal was more important to them, than being run by excuses and limitations.   When we choose to take total responsibility and look at the negative stories and excuses that we created which are running in the background of our mind, allows us to see things in a different way.  We are moving towards positive.  We are deciding to be the boss and master the limitations related to our weight, health and self-image.  By releasing on these issues allows us to discriminate.  Each release helps us move the direction of being loving.  Releasing helps us to overcome any challenge that we are facing.  By facing our attachments and aversion(s), we are also letting go of deep levels of AGFLAP, resistance, and wanting.  Lester Levenson reminds us that, “There are no impossibles, if we aren’t holding them in mind!   Releasing helps undo the dissatisfaction.”

Things you can do to achieve your weight loss goals include:  Increase your momentum.  Strengthen your intention to be resolved in relation to your weight. Take responsibility for the limitations.  Remember that you are not your feelings… you are not the frustration… and you are not the number on the scale… These limitations are in your awareness only to show you what you are holding in mind.  Hold in mind ONLY what you want.  See exactly what you would like to achieve.  Regardless of what the image in the mirror looks like, or the value appearing on the scale, be determined to “square all with love.”  Love yourself!  Love the image in the mirror!  Love the scale!  Love the excess weight!  Love is the answer!