No one wants to discuss this subject and yet we all know someone that has been diagnosed in some manner with a mental health illness.  Let’s face it, this topic is motivated by FEAR.  And by holding in mind fear, we are holding in mind something other than what we would like to experience.

Ask yourself, “How many people do you know that has been diagnosed with some kind of mental health disorder?”  Ok, off the top of my head instantly came up with 9 people.  A few minutes later another 8 other people popped into my mind.  Now ask yourself, “How many millionaires do you personally know?”  Well my initial response is two.  By including people that I’ve met through the Release Technique community, the number of millionaires that I know personally jumps to 9.  It is unfortunate, that the number of people with a mental health diagnosis is greater.

This issue about mental health is a huge concern and yet this topic may fall upon our aversion categories.  We all have fears about this subject!  Even if we have never been diagnosed with a mental health illness, we may know of someone that has been diagnosed, or perhaps we have seen a commercial or movie, or read an article related to a mental health condition.  These concerns you are holding in mind are unhealthy.  Depression, anxiety, stress… the list of diagnoses goes on and on.  Each of these labels is a label of FEAR.  Both Larry Crane and Lester Levinson have stated many, many times, “Fear it, Appear it!”  They also remind us that, “Nothing could ever happen to us if we didn’t have a fear about it at some previous point.”  Taking responsibility means responsibility for everything, including our mental health.

Perhaps if you or someone that is close to you have taken an anxiety pill or an anti-depressant, you know firsthand that the medication didn’t help to correct any problem.  What these pills did was create problems.  Truthfully, there are physical, mental and financial considerations in taking medication.  Problems are never resolved by taking a pill.  Problems are resolved by making better decisions.  Results such as dry-mouth, weight gain, constipation, out-of-pocket expenses, doctor’s visits and pharmacy charges, and a list of side-effects so long it would take the rest of the year to itemize certainly aren’t positive results.  If you seriously would like to feel better, instead of continuing to do things that don’t work and aren’t fixing the problems, why not plan to learn the Release Technique method.  This method is scientifically proven to work and has successfully helped over 100,000 people resolve their physical, emotional, financial, and relationship issues easily and permanently.

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