trappedGetting the feeling of being stuck and unable to Release can happen because our mind can rise up without our noticing. Momentum is very important in Releasing. We have built up the negative mind for a long time and energy is needed to Release that negativity. We must take responsibility for our momentum. When we keep up our momentum, we keep our discriminator open and sharp, so we can see what is going on in our life. With momentum we are living consciously, awake and aware, so when negativity creeps in we immediately dispatch it by Releasing. If we have allowed our momentum to slip and we have gotten ourselves on automatic, meaning we are being run by the automatic recording and playing back unit called our mind, we can find ourselves in negativity. There is no releasing in those lower energies, we forget to Release and, as we slip further down, we may feel stuck. We feel like whatever has gone on in our lives, in our mind, is bigger than we are and we don’t know what to do.

So, the first thing is to keep up our momentum. Look for disapproval all the time, disapproval of ourselves, of others, of situations. See the disapproval, let it go and send approval. We should be sending ourselves approval all the time. When we are constantly on the alert for non-love feelings—disapproval—we let those feelings go and send ourselves approval, love, and we keep up the momentum. Stuck is because we have allowed our momentum to slip. We have allowed negative, non-love, disapproval feelings to build up. Our discriminator is dulled and we are unaware of what we are doing to ourselves. We are into wanting. We want things and people, thinking that will make us happy.

When we want, we are in lack. In lack, we automatically disapprove of ourselves for not having the thing our mind has told us will make us happy. In order to get things and people, we ask our mind how to do it. Our mind certainly does not know or we already would have the things or people. We look in the empty filing cabinet, silly as it is, we look in there over and over, yet our mind never does have the answer. Because it has no answer, our mind, which is not our friend, tells us to beat ourselves up. Because we are on automatic, asleep to what is going on, we listen to our mind and we beat ourselves up, we disapprove of our self and we keep disapproving of ourselves 24/7 until we wake up and see what we are doing.

As we do this, we are getting more and more negative. As we get more negative our wanting grows, our lacking grows, our asking our mind how to get things and people and how to get out of this mess grows , and we keep beating ourselves up. When we get into this state, fear, panic, anger and frustration, have taken over our life. We are in negativity, there is no Releasing and, we feel stuck. Sooner or later, we remember. We begin to discriminate. We remember to say, Yes, to whatever we are feeling. We  remember we did this to ourselves, we can undo it. We remember, these are only feelings, and realize we are bigger than these feelings. We decide and see we are bigger than our mind, we are bigger than whatever is going on.

When we feel bad, sad or whatever the feeling, we realize we have gotten ourselves into disapproval. Often we hear the disapproval coming out of our mouth in the form of negative words, negative proclamations, verbal expressions of negativity. We see the negativity, we see the disapproval and we ask ourselves, how is this helping me? We see it is does not ever, ever help us to be negative, to talk negative, to think negative, to act negative. It never helps us. We see it and we know we are the one that is doing it, thinking it, saying it.

We realize, if I’m doing this and it’s not helping me, or helping others, or resolving anything, it’s up to me to make a decision. I’m going to be positive and loving or I’m going to be negative, non-loving and beat myself up and disapprove of myself, others and the situation. It is just a decision. We see, we do not want to consciously damage ourselves, and we decide to be positive and use the power of Love by letting go of the disapproval we have been doing, and we send approval and more approval and more approval.

When we are stuck, or we see we are in a bad mood, or even if we are just feeling a little off, we know we are in disapproval. As soon as we see it, we begin letting go of the disapproval and for any amount of disapproval we let go of, we send ourselves approval and we send ourselves more and more approval. Using the power of love, sending approval, moves us up into the higher energies of Courageousness, Acceptance and Peace. Sending ourselves approval continually, we are continually in Courageousness, Acceptance and Peace. Taking responsibility for our consciousness, being positive in spite of whatever is happening, whatever someone is saying or doing, being positive in spite of whatever is going on, keeps us in the energy of love, success, abundance and getting stuck is not something that can happen to us. It is just a decision, be positive, be loving in spite of whatever is happening.

Let go of the negative, non-loving feelings, let go of the disapproval, send approval, be positive in spite of whatever is happening and be happy, healthy, successful, and abundant. Keep up the momentum and no one and nothing can ever bother us.

You Can Do It!

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