An interesting thought popped into my mind.  Let’s see if you think it’s interesting too.  Here’s the thought: “Loose lips sink ships”.  We’ve all heard that old wartime saying.  How about an updated version?  “Loose lips sink lives.”

Consider love and hate. Let’s start with hate. I’m somewhat an authority on it.  I’ve been a hater.  It’s true.Before Larry Crane came along in my life andintroduced me to Lester Levenson, I was a hater.  I was pretty darn good (or should I say, bad at it), to be perfectly straight with you.  Am I all done being a hater now?  As long as there’s just a little bit of ego left, a bit of hate can rise up now and again.  I admit. You’ve might have noticed that in yourself.

It’s not great admitting to you that I’ve been a hater. Not great admitting it can raise its ugly head at a slight provocation.  But it’s true. It’s good to stick to the truth.  There’s an advantage to seeing that I have a hater hiding out in me.  I can discriminate. I can see it.  When it raises its ugly head, I can chop it off before it gets out and pollutes the atmosphere.

I learned how to discriminate by using The Release Technique.   That’s one of many advantages of the Release Technique. We don’t have to go stumbling through life, not even seeing what we’re doing.  We can notice it.  If it’s no good, we can end it right now, this second.  You’re familiar with this very helpful phrase: “How does it help me”

Well let’s look at it. How does it help me to be a hater?  How does it help anyone? How does it help the planet, the universe?  Well, hell.  That’s what it does, right?  It injects hell into my life and into to the world.  How does it help me to inject hell into life?

Time out.  Before we go on.

Time to stop using that word. The “h” word. I know a woman who does not allow “that” word to be used in her house. She does not allow her children to use it and her husband wouldn’t dare.  Smart woman. She knows loose lips sink lives.  I’ve used it enough now. For the rest of the time I’m going to refer to it as “that word” or simply h.  It won’t be allowed in this house anymore, I’m pretty  sure that’s okay with you.

People worry about what they eat.  Is this food healthy for me? Is it good for me?  “What comes out of our mouth is a lot worse than anything we put into it”, said Lester.  “That word,” and the thoughts and feelings behind it, do make a hell of a mess, don’t they?  Wars, fighting, hurting, killing…it’s created the ugliest monsters throughout history.  Not to cop out. It created a hell of a mess in me before I found out from Larry that it was not doing anything but bad for me.

I wasn’t nearly as happy as I could be before I began to drop it.  I wasn’t anywhere near what I could be in any area of life before I decided to stop expressing that darkness.

Where does it come from anyway? The h thing.  We learn it. We pick it up. We practice it. If some of us practiced our favorite hobby with such ferocity, we would be really good at it.  In fact, we might be super stars if we put as much time into whatever we like to do as we’ve put into practicing h.  I better speak for myself.

Look all around. The newspapers. You can’t get through the line at the grocery store without seeing h splattered all over the shelf. Oh my goodness – TV –  All that violence,  the TV news, movies.  If we want to see what h looks like, that’s a place to find it.   Of course, most of us don’t need to go any further than our own minds to see it—much of it aimed at our self.  Like I said, I better speak for myself.

That h thing has a quality of me being better than someone or some group. Have you noticed that?

A young chap from Northern Ireland won the U.S. Open goIf championship.  I was dining in an Irish cafe the next day. I asked the waiter if the people in the cafe had been exuberant the day before when he won. “Oh no,” he said. “Oh no.” We weren’t happy. There wasn’t any celebrating here. He isn’t our kind.  H still lurks a continent away in folks who likely couldn’t even say exactly what stimulated all that h.

Enough of that.  Enough.   Larry and Lester have shown us the way out of that hellish existence.  Love is the answer. When we have any problem it disappears when the love is complete.  If only we would just love more. That’s the answer.  Even our enemies.  Especially our enemies.  We need to love everyone so that we can love anyone.  Love is the absence of h.

“But that person annoyed me.” I h that.  “That behavior that group of people practices,” I h that.  “That political party.” “That politician.” The mind makes sure it always has plenty of h targets, have you noticed that?

We have to let all that go. We have to end the practice of h.  That is, if we want to be as happy as we can be.

But look how that person treated me, how she spoke to me! Can you be loving in spite of whatever that person says or does?

I found out. Love isn’t a deal.  I’ll love you if you whistle my tune. Otherwise I’ll get out my h tools and come after you.  That’s not it.  Love is giving with no thought of getting anything in return.

Let’s apply that discrimination question. How does love help me? Everything changes. Since I turned in my h card for a love card I’m happier. I know you are too.  We can be the happy-est,  once we get rid of it all, says Lester.   Love works miracles.   Love marshals all the forces for good in the entire universe. As if angels stand on your shoulders, good begins to come your way. That’s been my experience.  And it’s been the experience of thousands of people who have learned and practiced the Release Technique.

How does it work?   It’s simple. Love is the absence of h.  To increase our capacity to Love we let go of more and more h.  The more h we let go of, the more Love we can express. The more Love we express the more goodness of all kinds appears in our life.

Give it a try. Let’s join hands. Let’s eliminate the h word, Let’s not say it anymore, let’s not think it anymore, let’s not send it out anymore. Let it not occupy a place in our mind, in our heart, or on our lips.  Let’s replace it with Love.  Our picture will change to that of wonder, joy and happiness.

Give it a try. Release and see for yourself.