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The goal is unlimited happiness with no sorrow.

The goal is complete liberation—the attainment of limitlessness.

The goal is Self-Realization.

The goal is Imperturbability.


Releasing is the way.

Each time you release you are happier and lighter.

If you release continually, you will be continually happier and lighter.

Releasing ultimately leads to complete quietude of mind with its blissful peace.


 “If you want one practical key for quickly reaching the Goal, I would recommend that you take full responsibility for everything that happens to you. We have lost sight of our mastership and have deluded ourselves into thinking that we are victims in a world that controls us, that pushes us around. It isn’t so! We are causing what is happening to us by giving power, our power, to the external world. If you want to regain your control, you must take full responsibility.

How to regain our control? Examine your thinking and correct it. Develop the habit of honest introspection by asking yourself, ‘Wherein did I cause this to happen to me?’ and holding it until the thought that caused the happening comes out of the subconscious into the conscious plane. Then you recognize your mastership, that you caused that pleasant or unpleasant experience to happen to you. The more you will do this, the easier it becomes and the more able you become until, finally, you recognize that you were always the master.”

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Lester Levenson


It isn’t that you don’t want to be imperturbability.

It is that you have more interest in other things.

Other things are more important to you, either consciously or subconsciously.

Your mind will trick you into stopping the releasing process at any chance it can get.

It will tell you that you don’t need to continue letting go this negativity or that you are better than others.

This is especially true when your life situations or problems that you had in the beginning (before releasing) disappear or turn around completely.

Suddenly there is no more pain and you get complacent. Suddenly you don’t need to release that much or that often. You go back into the world to find happiness and joy.

The mind tricks you into stopping.

Become aware of this mechanism. Don’t let it fool you.

“Several months ago life was very peaceful, calm, simple, joyous and just wonderful. Everything was perfect, then I made the mistake of letting my ego take ownership of my life. It only took a short time to slip from Peace all the way back to pride and then even lower. It did not take long for all sorts of bad things to happen especially health issues, 3 broken ribs, separated shoulder, intestinal stuff, sinus infections, and several others. Recently, after recognizing that I was in trouble, I started the Health and Fitness class and basically went back to the method and started from day one. Since that time many wonderful things have happened and life has turned around. Life is again peaceful, calm, simple, joyous, exciting, adventurous, abundant and all of the things it is supposed to be.” - Craig


The deeper one goes the more one discovers the innate joys to which there are no limits.

No matter how joyful you get you can always go further.

If you were a thousand times more joyful than you are now, you could still go on and on…

Mind and ego are not interested in your joy and happiness.

“I am sharing a gain that I acquired last evening. Last evening I dropped the ego and all desire. I had thought to myself that this was too easy for it to be done this way, then I remembered what you said Larry. It is easy, it’s only the mind that makes it complicated. I finally see the truth in that, before I couldn’t grasp it. When I awoke this morning I had some encounters with people that in the past I would have been reactive to. There was nothing there this morning, absolutely nothing! I actually felt complete love for them. I feel so peaceful. I have worked on the agflap chart and had very little if anything come up or leave. I started the course in August of 2005 and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I thank you and Lester for getting this out to the world! I have and will continue to share this with everyone I come in contact with. Thank you again so very much. Sincerely a true believer” - Lonni McDonald


Keep going deeper and deeper, increasing your freedom, happiness, abundance, health and peace.

Remember, the goal is imperturbability, a state where nothing and nobody bothers you.

This state allows manifestations with the mere simply thought about having something.

“When I first took the course over eight years ago, I started off with a bang, and fell into beingness and amazing gains. I knew in my soul I had found what I was looking for. And then about four years in I became so stuck that I didn’t even know I was stuck. In looking back I found I was listening to the calls but not really releasing. Participating on a very shallow level. The work became dull. And then I began to look elsewhere for the answers, numerous Satsangs in the Bay Area – where there are endless choices, Dualists, Non-Dualists, Meditations, Dream Work, and on and on and on. Spinning. My life began to spiral down. Major financial issues and setbacks. This January I re-engaged in the work and decided to go the retreat in Sedona and from there I purchased the 5180. I can’t even begin to tell you how my life has changed and the amazing gains that have occurred. Right after the retreat we gained $150,000 in closing a brokerage deal. I trade covered call options and am making 8% per month or almost 100% per year. Almost always aware of my mind and the stories it is telling me and then I rise above it and let it go. An IRS audit where I was going to owe $6000 and open up more audit issues in a very complicated tax year resolved itself with ease in my favor and a return of $2300. Feeling lighter and happier and letting that go and feeling lighter and happier. My son who has struggled with learning issues and social issues continues to improve and be happier and able to engage in life more fully. My other son’s college process moved smoothly and he received $34,000 in yearly scholarships. Where I withdrew from many relationships, as I released on relationships in general, many true deep relationships have developed and blossomed. Just an overall seeing of how my mind drew such a dismal picture of life where I was trapped in a mild state of depression, I feel as each day passes. I’m getting more and more free from that internal prison and moving into an amazing state of grace and being unlimited. Just amazing releasing partners have shown up – mirroring my own progress. Sharing the release technique with more people and getting them to engage in the program. Phil will be at the retreat in Tahoe in May and I will be at Larry’s house in LA in July. Looking forward to continuing this amazing movement up. Thanks so much!” - Ann Vogel

“Received $3500 this week… Feeling much more imperturbable about my goals and life… Signing up for a new $5180 package, starting 90-Day soon… More peace and easy-going environment at work every day no matter what’s going on in my surroundings” - Levi, New York


Going for the Ultimate goal has to lead you towards mastery in the world.

Isn’t that a nice way to live?

You see, you too can experience major shifts, but only if you keep the momentum going!

You simply need to continue releasing and applying yourself fully and regularly.

Now is your opportunity to use your time, energy and dedication to make a giant leap towards freedom and self-mastery.

Are you ready for the fast track to success, filled with amazing personal gains and realizations?

Are you ready to take the most important decision that will move you towards imperturbability?

Check out our biggest and best massive savings releasing package!

Commit yourself and keep up the momentum!

Don’t let your mind push you around and into slavery.

Be free.

Realize the Ultimate Goal!



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