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Quiet Your Mind


Sep 11 – Dec 7, 2018








If you’ve ever experienced any sort of executive mentoring programs, you know they’ll cost you in excess of $25,000.

Why do these executive programs cost so much? Because they absolutely work. They get results!

So, we thought…what if we could take the quality of the best executive programs, and not only reproduce their effectiveness, but give you something 100 times better?

Better, because we’re applying the highest teachings, direct from Lester: Total Mastership!

As a result, we’ve modeled the best, most scientifically proven, coaching program out there…a program which creates more success in its field than anywhere before…so you will have a greater than 95% success rate in achieving what you’re looking for.

Can you see how this tremendously successful 90-Day Program will allow you to completely transform your life?

Just imaging having the ability to:

Express greater personal freedom
Be fully released (imperturbable)
Make every impossible in your life immediately possible

So you can easily master areas of your life such as: finances, health, relationships, confidence, clarity, peace and happiness.

Exclusive Participant benefits include:

  • 12-week one-of-a-kind interactive Tele-Course including 1 extra daily and weekly Tele-Course at a different time (so you actually get 24 weeks of calls in 12 weeks)
  • 6 Inspiring and Committed teachers sharing their unique guidance and perspective
  • Archived recordings of the 12 week Tele-Course for playback at your convenience
  • An all new, Ultra Powerful Workbook with custom designed exercises for freedom & life mastery
  • A releasing partner for Synergy, Support and Accountability
  • Daily 30 minute “CAP Power Call” (Mon-Fri) to master CAP in your Day, Week & Life!
  • Archived recordings of the “CAP Power Call”
  • Success Mentoring & Advanced Private Coaching
    a. Weekly accountability check-in with mentor by email with homework and gains
    b. Bi-weekly (2 times a month) (small group) conference call with your mentor
    c. Exclusive Direct Access to your mentor for unparalleled advance support – available ONLY to “Lester’s 90 Days to Fulfill Your Destiny Program” participants

So here’s the bottom line…

If you are ready to make 2018 the best year of your life…

Join the 90-day program so you can have
the power to master your life.

And you won’t have to pay $25,000 like other courses charge.

And, because I’d like you to have freedom and gains that graduates worldwide are able to experience, I’m going to allow you to have the best offer I’ve ever made.

Right now this life-changing program is yours for only



Join today for two 90-Day Programs and I will drop the price of your tuition to just


(that’s a savings of $810!)

But it gets even better…

Since I’ve never done this one time offer before, I am making it an even greater value for you…

  • I’m going to scholarship you in to the 7-Day Final Step Retreat, Lake Tahoe, CA, May 26 – June 1, 2018 (normally $2,195) absolutely FREE! (Does NOT include room & board.)
  • And you will get one 30-Day Financial Freedom & Life Mastery Course (normally $895) absolutely FREE!

P.S. If you don’t own the Goals & Resistance and Grow Up courses, I will even include these amazing courses (normally $670) for FREE!

Special – One Time Only

Get invited to a very special FEAR OF LIVING Course at Larry’s home, 2019 for FREE!

A $3,000 value. (The class is only available with a 5180 package).

This is a limited time offer and I am making this incredible package available to the first 50 graduates who join in now (or until it fills up).

So, to be perfectly clear…

Register for two 90-Day Programs for only $5,180 and you will automatically be registered for:

  • The Millionaire Bootcamp, Orlando, FL, September 3 – 9, 2018 (normally $2,180) absolutely FREE! (Does NOT include room & board.)
  • And you will get one 30-Day Financial Freedom & Life Mastery Course(normally $895) absolutely FREE!
  • Goals and Resistance and Abundance Course – Online Home Study Course, if you don’t already have them, absolutely FREE!
  • Special-One Time Only – Get invited to a very special FEAR OF LIVING Course at Larry’s home, in 2019 for FREE! A $3,000 value. (The class is only available with a 5180 package).

All you pay is the low price of $5,180!

That’s a savings of over $8,000, for a total value of $13,145.


  • You must be serious and Fully Committed to achieving Life Mastery
  • Own the “Goals and Resistance Course”
  • Own the “What Do I Want To Do When I Grow Up Course”
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have either of these courses – We will give them to you!

Don’t worry if you have not completed these courses yet – We will give you direct, hands-on instruction so you will be running at full speed to participate at the highest level with all of the other graduates in the course.

This program is recorded for playback, so we will work with you to bring you up to speed on these advanced course requirements.

We all know releasing works and it works great. You know that, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. It’s worked for you. It’s gotten you amazing gains, I know.

Lester said, and you’ve heard the recordings many times, “So why don’t you do it?”

There is one simple answer – Momentum. If you aren’t releasing enough to satisfy yourself, enough so that you can say, this releasing works great and I’m doing it all the time, it’s because you haven’t developed momentum.

Unless you can say you’re entering really nice, impressive gains in your gains book, like those people on the 90-day courses, it’s only because you lack momentum.

What those people did is make a Commitment to themselves, to their happiness, to their freedom. They decided to be the best releaser they could be. They decided to be willing to extend themselves and go the extra distance.

You can do that too. You can do it right now. Get started this very moment with a decision to not let anything stand in your way of achieving all you are capable of achieving, to reach the heights you are capable of reaching, to be the big winner you know you have inside of you waiting to be unleashed.

Make a commitment like those who have taken a 90-day program did.

Decide to join in on this very special 90-Day program and share in everybody’s gains and have your own gains. Make a decision to join in and have your own releasing crescendo.

Here’s Just a Sample of Gains from the 90-Day Course

$22,000 Gain

“I’ve just signed a new software project that is based upon work already done by me, so I only need to do a few adjustments – and get this money almost for free. Also, it seems that I’m entitled to an additional passive income of a few hundred USD every month, from a project that is done by somebody else—just because they base it on my own intellectual property.”

Omer Gilad

64k Financial Gain

“I had a very big financial gain. Many years ago I had invested money for a couple of years for my future pension. I had not reviewed the results of that account for also many years. Last week I checked it and it is now on around USD 60K, which is a very nice surprise and for sure a great financial gain.”

Pablo Alvarez

Wave After Wave of Stress Just Pours Out

“I wanted to let you know of the gain I had after releasing with you during the Health, etc. class yesterday. After we got off the phone I continued to feel wave after wave after wave of stress just pour off me. It was quite profound the amount of tension that left. It was great! I have never had an experience like that before. Thanks so much. The thing I was going to ask about would never be as important to what is going on now as that letting go.

Thanks again for your insight-you are doing a stellar job leading the class-I think you just keep getting better and better!”

Michele Derney

Melts Away the Pain

“I had an amazing gain yesterday. Two days ago I injured one of my ribs quite severely. My mind told me I might not be able to use my arm or turn my head for weeks. I went to bed too much in pain to remember to release (duh!). The next morning I had a session with my 90 day partner and we decided to do Attachments and Aversions to being a body. As the session was going, I could literally feel the pain melting away (and we weren’t even working on the injury specifically!). Afterward, I had ZERO (seriously ZERO) pain and it is now the next day and it is still ZERO. Wow! I am not someone who has pain, so when this hit, it was tremendous for me. Realizing I can even release that away is mind blowing! So I will continue to release and blow my mind all the way to Timbuktu!”

Dr. Ida Allen

Acquires the Skill to Have Peace of Mind

“My husband and I are about to embark on a grand adventure. We are hiking the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile walk across Spain. The journey will take a little over a month and I would never have had the courage to take on this big of an adventure without first going through The Release Technique. I have been through two “5180” programs and because of the techniques I have learned there I have acquired a set of skills which allow me to live a life I would have previously been too fearful to experience and most importantly the peace of mind I have gained from it is an immeasurable gift.

Because of the technique I have faith that the money will show up, for our journey, and we will be(and already are) safe and secure the entire way. I have safety. I’m confident to blog about the experience because I already have approval which gives me the confidence to share my journey without worrying about what other people think of me and I am in Control. This is my life and I’m not afraid to live it! I have control.

I am eternally grateful to all of you for what you have given me and continue to offer the rest of the world.”

Molli Rathstone

Pain Disappears

“Had my first physical therapy session last week. They were surprised it had taken 6 weeks before the surgeon had recommended it. When they took the flexibility ranges of motion, I was already only 15% off in the least flexible of 4 categories – the best was off 3%. When measured on the 2nd session, I was off 5% on the previous 15% measure. I start strengthening exercises this week. The arm feels amazing and none of the physical therapy is causing any pain. This is in stark contrast to a left arm surgery I had 5 years ago!!”

Peter M Evans

The Joy of Loving

“I just laughed out loud for the joy of Loving. I did that for two hours straight, walking at a beautiful riverside boulevard. It was so much energy that I started jumping and skipping in between.”

Pascal Fabig

Relationship Repaired After Years

“Realized I needed to release on my relationship with my youngest stepdaughter (20), for I had been allowing her behavior and attitude to really annoy me-for years. Earlier approaches had all failed to yield permanent results. I spent hours and hours releasing on it, as there was a lot of stuff that came up, until nothing more was stirred up. The gain was that our relationship transformed itself from miserable to very good almost overnight. Amazing. And this time I feel its permanent. I just know deep within that Lester’s teachings, as you now carry them forward, represent the highest form of practice for me. Of course this practice must be continuous and committed, just as it is with any worthwhile endeavor, such as learning how to fly or learning how to dance the tango. The beginner must keep going. These stages of growth must be earned through practice and persistence, wouldn’t you agree.”

Tom Albertsson, Australia

Business Increases 10 Fold

“Since beginning this course, my real estate business has picked up dramatically from 3 closings last month to 10 scheduled closings in May. I’ve also noticed a shift in my overall weight & strength. Love it!”

Sharon Whitten

Feels Like a 19 Year Old

“My first written goal was to have my business grow with ease. Sales had gone flat. Now they have returned. All I did was take a few simple actions and love my customers no matter what they decide. Problem solving has become so much easier since I gave up “figuring it out.” Surrendering “figuring it out” to Beingness. Wow….that one is so wonderful.

My businesses are fun again. Money is arriving and rebuilding my bank account and it all seems smooth and easy.

Next week, my wife and I will be registering for another course. I already know I we will be having the 5180. She’s on board. No worries. Not figuring out how. Things lighter with all relationships….all activities more fun. Wife (Vanessa) and I have always had a great relationship. Now, it is even better. Growing closer all the time.

Wantings do pop up. Dropping into release comes easier and easier. Releasing is addictive. I appreciate the value of releasing also the good feelings whenever I detect a wanting.

Clarity and inspiration arriving again with ease.

I feel like I did at 19 …when youthful zeal seemed to override many negative programs that increasingly asserted themselves over the years. (Luckily, I’m still a kid…only 63 and 1/2.)

Revelation: Every thought is an opportunity to release something.

In the BUTT SYSTEM Larry talks about loving everyone and everything.

In light of all the new craziness going on in the world, this has been a challenge for me as I am concerned about peace, justice, and the future for all children.

In a Wednesday call from last year, Larry mentioned that we are not approving of / loving another’s “doingness,” but rather of their “Beingness.” That was hugely clarifying. I had been wrestling with this for years. Revelation: The only real feeling to have is Love. It goes beyond wanting imperturbability…..or it is imperturbability. Luckily I no longer need to figure that one out.”

Rob Simpson

Graduates who have decided to go all the way to freedom felt it was high time to get all their goals. They decided to forge ahead and get all the goodness available to them from releasing. They also decided to not leave any more treasure on the table. They decided to go for it, and finish the job. The 90-Day course provides the tools and skills to do that.

Deluxe Package 1

This Package Includes:

  • Two 90-Day Programs
  • The Millionaire Bootcamp, Orlando, FL, September 3 – 9, 2018 (normally $2,180) absolutely FREE! (Does NOT include room & board.)
  • One 30-Day Financial Freedom & Life Mastery Tele-Course OR the Health, Weight Loss & Fitness Tele-Course
  • Goals and Resistance – Online Home Study Course
  • Abundance Course – Online Home Study Course
  • Private 4-Day Fear of Living Retreat in Los Angeles, 2019. Private class dates to be announced.   (Includes two meals a day and shuttle service from Hotel to Larry’s house). A $3,000 value. (The class is only available with a 5180 package).

Deluxe Package 2

This Package Includes:

  • One 90-Day Program
  • The Millionaire Bootcamp, Orlando, FL, September 3 – 9, 2018 (normally $2,180) absolutely FREE! (Does NOT include room & board.)
  • AND one other Retreat in the next 12 months absolutely FREE! (Does NOT include room & board.)
  • One 30-Day Financial Freedom & Life Mastery Tele-Course
  • One Health, Weight Loss & Fitness Tele-Course
  • Goals and Resistance – Online Home Study Course
  • Abundance Course – Online Home Study Course
  • Private 4-Day Fear of Living Retreat in Los Angeles, 2019. Private class dates to be announced.   (Includes two meals a day and shuttle service from Hotel to Larry’s house). A $3,000 value. (The class is only available with a 5180 package).

Lester’s 90 Days to Fulfill Your Destiny Program – $2,995

Or call us at 1 (818) 279-2438 to reserve your space!