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2021 Reboot:

Health, Wellness & Resilience


March 29 - May 3, 2021


Can The NEW "2021 REBOOT Tele-Course" Help You To:

– Lose Weight And Keep It Off
– Reduce High Blood Pressure
– And Strengthen Your Immune System?

The Release Technique does not make those claims.

But many students of the Release Technique do.

Take for example Jan Senker (a nurse kineseologist) who lost 63lbs — and kept it off — using the Release Technique.

She’s dropped all her hang ups about her body image.

And has also got off the yo-yo dieting “hamster wheel” (after being on it for years).

In fact, Jan says she now feels wonderful because she knows she’ll never go back to being the overweight person with all the body issue hang ups she had before.

All because she used the Release Technique to zero-in on the subconscious programs about her body that were ruining her life.

Can you imagine losing and forever keeping off all the weight you want to lose…

And finally being free of all hang ups about your body and how you look?

That’s what people are reporting after using the Release Technique to knock out the subconscious programming that has kept them overweight no matter what they’ve tried.

Take Kevin Senker for example:

Kevin struggled with his body weight his entire life.

He’s tried everything from Weight Watchers to the Cabbage Soup Diet.

Sure, he did lose some weight on those diets… but the weight always came right back on again!

Maybe you know that feeling only too well!

But, after all that dieting, Kevin then tried something different — he tried the Release Technique on his body weight issues.

The result?

Since using the Release Technique Kevin has lost 98lbs.

Better still: that weight has now stayed off (which it never did before by dieting alone).

Even better still: Kevin says he now KNOWS it’s going to be that way for life.

The Release Technique has given him the weight loss he’s wanted his entire life…

…AND the *knowingness* that this time (finally) the extra weight is never coming back again.

That’s a big slice of freedom for Kevin right there.

An issue that’s been a problem for him his whole life. Quickly gone and dealt with once and for all — just by using the Release Technique on the issue.

No wonder Kevin describes it all as a profound new happiness that’s come around because of the Release Technique.

You can see both Jan and Kevin tell you their results directly in this short 1.23 minute video:

Then there’s Wes.

Through dieting (along with a lot of willpower) Wes was able to lose 40lbs.

But his goal was to lose 50lbs of bodyweight.

And no matter how much he dieted, what kind of diet he followed or how strictly he ate… Wes could never lose that last stubborn 10lbs.

So what did Wes do?

He took the Relesase Technique original Health & Fitness Course is what he did.

And that’s when the last (“unmovable”) 10lbs of weight quickly dropped off of him.

But that’s not even the whole story.

See Wes got another significant health result by taking the Release Technique original Health & Fitness Course.

You could say it’s even more significant than his weight loss result.

That’s because Wes was also able to use the Relesse Technique to bring down his dangerously high blood pressure.

Specifically, his blood pressure (according to Wes himself) went from 179/110 to 106/62.

That is quite some reduction in blood pressure. From dangerously high, to healthy.

You can see Wes tell you his results directly in this short 1.10 minute video:

Talking of blood pressure…

Here's What The News Media Are NOT Telling You About How The Coronavirus "Enters" Your Body...

With the coronavirus running rampant it has been noted that the coronavirus uses what are (medically) called ACE2 Proteins as an “entry point” into the cells of the human body.

What that means is this:

If you have elevated ACE2 Proteins in your cellsit’s a bit like opening the front door of your house and welcoming a dangerous thief in, showing him where all your valuables are… making him a cup of coffee… and telling him to make himself at home and take as long as he likes to steal anything he wants.

Obviously you would never do that.

Yet that’s what having elevated ACE Proteins in your cells is like for the coronavirus.

All that is mentioned because there is speculation (speculation!) in the medical community that medication drugs for high blood pressure (collectively known as Ace Inhibitors) have the “side effect” of elevating ACE2 Proteins in your body.

Meaning: any way you can reduce high blood pressure without having to go onto — or continually depend upon — blood pressure medication has to be a good thing, right?

Again, the Release Technique is not making any claims about it’s ability to reduce high blood pressure. We just report back what our releasing students are telling us. And many students of the Release Technique have reported back that they’ve reduced their blood pressure through releasing.

What About Stress?

Well, with stress, we do know that the Release Technique helps significantly.

Which in these strange and uncertain times will be a HUGE help to anyone who registers in time for the NEW 2021 REBOOT: HEALTH, WELLNESS & RESILIENCE TELE-COURSE.

Firstly, because by reducing stress you simultaneously boost your body’s immunity against pathogens and viruses.

Secondly, by reducing stress you also you give yourself a greater inner stability and resilience to deal with whatever uncertainty or obstacle life throws at you.


Stress (if you don’t know) underlies just about every illness and dis-ease and often even the physical pain you experience in your body.

In fact…

Stress is the number one cause of sickness and death.

It leads to just about every health problem imaginable, as when the body is stressed, it cannot heal or restore itself effectively.

It is as if we have turned against our own body and end up beating it up with our negative thoughts. Instead, we need to learn to release the tension and feelings and at the same time support the body with positive energy. This can create a whole new experience for the body allowing the healing process to be fast, even instantaneous.

The bottom line is — if you are experiencing stress or disease, you need to catch and release the reactive patterns to be on your way to feeling happier and lighter.

Which is what we will work with you to do on the 2021 REBOOT: Health, Wellness, & Resilience Tele-Course.

Being Sick or Overweight is Often Emotional “Checking Out”​

Take a good look and see where you may be stepping back and withdrawing from life. When we feel it’s not safe to fully engage life, we often withdraw, and being sick or being overweight is one of the best excuses for checking out.

The Health, Wellness, & Resilience Tele-Course addresses the attachments to being sick and overweight and our aversions to it.

By seeing just how much these attachments and aversions run you, and keep you feeling like a ping-pong ball, bouncing back and forth between overeating and starving yourself, then why not give yourself the world’s most effective tool for eliminating this “push-pull” trap we fall into.

If you want to make permanent changes, you need to look at the underlying programming that is driving it, and then eliminate that programming at its ROOT.

Again, this is what we will work with you to do on the 2021 REBOOT: Health, Wellness, & Resilience Tele-Course.

Why not join us on the NEW 2021 REBOOT: Health, Wellness, & Resilience Tele-Course to

Eliminate All Your Health Issues Once and for All

  • Get healthy permanently.
  • Control your body so it’s healthy.
  • Have new pep and vitality.
  • Get rid of the failure habits that are holding you back in life, such as procrastination.
  • Wear the clothes you want without those unwanted bulges.
  • Have the admiring looks you deserve.
  • Stop counting calories.
  • Stop beating yourself up and learn to love yourself.
  • Eliminate stress.​
  • Feel more secure all the time.
  • Achieve inner health.
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Improved sexual performance.
  • Rid yourself of fear which is holding you back from having everything in life.
  • Have abundant health, joy and riches.
  • Boost your energy and vitality like never before.
  • Be in total control of your life with ease.

Now’s the time to do it. To get it all taken care of. What better way to use the lockdown/quarantine time to focus in on boosting your health, wellness and resilience?



“Everything is easier. Making more money-received a bonus of $1,700.00 unexpectedly, went beyond grief, due to the loss of a grandchild. Health is fantastic. I’m definitely more loving, and more positive.” - Laura Ryan, IL


“First of all I want to say you are a wonderful teacher! I am really enjoying the health & wellness seminar. Following your suggestion, I released on my baby’s cold for 2 minutes, it cleared up and her cold was gone! I couldn’t believe it so I had to let go of the fact that I couldn’t believe it was this easy. I guess that’s the hardest thing about releasing: accepting that it really is this easy! I also released on her constipation for about 10 minutes and the next day she had a bowel movement (without any help, usually I would have to give her homeopathic drops to help her have a bowel movement). The next day, she had one too and the rest of the week she had perfect bowel movements daily.” - Saskia and Frederique (my daughter)


“For years my husband has joked that my comfort zone is between 74°-76° except that it wasn’t a joke. I have spent so much time putting on and taking off layers, opening and closing doors and windows, juggling the thermostat settings. I have been noticing for several days that I can get up in these lovely cool mornings and not have to put on a sweater, or close up the house. Today it finally dawned on me-I am different! I had lived that way for so long I didn’t even think to put it down as a goal. I am so grateful. It is so wonderful to be able to feel lovely, cool air on my skin without feeling chilled.” - Norma, TX


“I feel better about my ex-husband–closer to feeling neutral about him. I released pain from a burn–it healed with no blister or scar. I believe my finances are improving. Better awareness of my blocks. Better awareness of how I get back what I give. Recently I fell on my back and tailbone. I released on the pain and was able to get up myself without help and had very little muscle soreness the next day and thereafter.” - Margaret Albert, IL


“I gained clarity of mind. I was able to identify programs that sabotage me. I also experienced losing weight and not gaining at all even though I eat a full meal all the time.” - Aileen Sugay, TX


“I’ve suffered from Crohn’s disease for 13 years, had numerous flare-ups and not been able to stop taking the strong and damaging medication that keeps it at bay. Since starting the course I’ve had no symptoms, which is great as I’ve had at least one symptom a day everyday for 13 years! And now I am drug-free! I have never released on my health as a goal, but releasing on everything that comes at me seems to have had a strong impact on my condition.” - Graham Rix, AL


“I sleep very soundly after experiencing insomnia for about 13 years. The tightness in my chest has cleared up and I feel ease now. I had a pain in my right underarm and breast area that is gone. My relationship with my Mother has become one of acceptance and greater harmony after being very difficult. I feel tolerance toward people who used to upset me. My relationship with my son has become much more honest and harmonious. I am letting go of fear and worry with ease and have a deep knowing that as I release my goals are realized.” - Catherine Bode Friederich, AZ


“What the Course has given me is better balance and coordination. I am much more coordinated in my Zumba and NIA and kick boxing classes. Although I am 75 I can keep up with the younger guys and gals.” - Fritz Miller


“Thank you for your steadfastness in holding these calls & supporting me in accomplishing something I’d believed impossible for over 40 years. My body has been my challenge & participating in this class has helped me heal/release old feelings & patterns I’ve been under the spell of for more than half my life. I continue to witness increased strength/balance/ flexibility in muscles & nerves all over my body.” - Marilyn Gausewitz

Simple & Easy:

Participate Live From Your Home​

With this course there is no need to travel anywhere. If you have a phone or a connection to Internet, you are all set to go!

Usually, people pay thousands of dollars for this kind of mentoring especially since we’re actually going to personally work with each of you on this teleconference for a full 6 weeks.

In order to participate, your discounted tuition for attending is just $895.

You can even have a payment plan-just pay $495 upon registering and then pay the additional $400 the next month.

We’re so confident that this course will work for you, and as a result, that will give you enough time to have your personal problems all cleared up before you make the last payment.

If you wish to pay in full, in one payment, the price is $695 (a $200 savings).

And if you already taken the Health & Wellness Course (live or on CD), you can attend for $495.

You too deserve a chance to be have a great health. Let us show you how to do it!

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Dates & Times

1 Tele-Course a Week, 2 Hours each Session Held for Six Mondays

Event time zone is Pacific Time (PDT). Here is a convenient time converter:

Week 1: Monday, March 29
9:30am - 11:30am and 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Week 2: Monday, April 5
9:30am - 11:30am and 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Week 3: Monday, April 12
9:30am - 11:30am and 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Week 4: Monday, April 19
9:30am - 11:30am and 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Week 5: Monday, April 26
9:30am - 11:30am and 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Week 6: Monday, May 3
9:30am - 11:30am and 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Plus a month long Releasing support!

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