The Pandemic… Divisive Politics… Job Losses… Business Closures… Predictions of the worst economic fallout in living memory…

They’ve turned the
“Fear Dial”​ up to an 11​


Here’s how you can “break free” and live an optimum life experience – no matter what stuff the world is going through…

More good news…

When we live our lives out of background awareness (instead of the mind), we harmonize with the miraculous nature of existence… 

We bring into being extraordinary creations that defy our expectations of what is possible…

And we simultaneously enrich our lives and the lives of others around us.

That’s why Lester Levenson said:

“If you want to change your life, change your consciousness”

All great creators have discovered this.

They have gone “beyond the mind” to create a life from background awareness.

If you want to be unperturbed by what’s going on in the world today…

And if you want to create an optimum life experience for yourself…

You must also go beyond the mind and live out of background awareness.

Why is this so important – now more than ever?

Well, now, with the world in upheaval – what with the pandemic, the constant fear being pumped out by the news media, and all the talk of an economic fallout…

People are being driven by unconscious fear more than ever before

You probably are, too.

Of course, this fear doesn’t always show up as what most people would call fear, though.

It shows up as worry.

It shows up as uncertainty.

It shows up confusion.

It shows up as insecurity.

It shows up as a feeling of loss of control.

It shows up as a sense of having no power to effect a positive change in your life.

It shows up as depression.

As anxiety.



It shows up in countless ways.

Nevertheless, however it shows up for you, it’s all just a “different flavor” of fear.

You could say there are…

"50 Shades of Fear"

No matter the “shade of fear” — here’s the most important thing to understand though:

You can NEVER create the life you truly want if you are in any way operating out of a sense of fear.

Which has to be a BIG concern because…

This year the world has become a very strange place

It’s affecting just about everyone.

Even if only unconsciously.

Either way, the way the world is going it is provoking more and more unconscious fear to surface in your life.

You’ll know unconscious fear is surfacing in your life if you are in any way…



That’s a PROBLEM because as you know…

What you resist, persists.


You can take all the action you want but if you are operating out of resistance (or fear) to what is…

All your hard work…

All your well made plans…

All your efforting…

Will ultimately just lead you to spinning your wheels and getting exhausted in the process.

This is how 98% of people live their lives today.

Busy… busy… busy… yet thoroughly miserable with no idea how to change anything.

That’s the “recipe” for feeling completely powerless in life

An Old Couple Posing for a Picture Around Beach

Sure, some people do follow that “recipe” of living and make positive life changes here and there (like losing weight, or making more money etc)…

But their gains are often only temporary…

You know what I’m talking about…

Lose weight this month… only to pile on more weight six months down the line…

Or get a promotion at work with a pay rise… only for some other problem to crop up that drains you of all your extra money…

Or another area of your life goes wrong and all your energy goes into rectifying new problems.

That’s what always happens if you live the way 98% of people unconsciously live.

So a “switch of consciousness” needs to take place.

  • Because if you’re not totally happy with your life… or what’s going on in the world…
  • And if you carry on operating the same way that has got you to where you are now…
  • It’s all but certain you are never going to “break free” and live an optimum live experience.

The bottom line is this: if the thought of living a less than optimal life experience is unacceptable to you…

  • It’s time NOW to finally stop living unconsciously (the way that 98% of people do).
  • It’s time NOW to use what’s happening in the world to finally “wake up” to a new (better, and far easier) way of living.
  • It’s time NOW to release yourself from your unconscious fears and finally enjoy the effortless power that comes from living out of background awareness.
  • It’s time NOW to embody what Lester Levenson taught, "If you want to change your life, change your consciousness"


The good news is…

There is a very simple way to go from being unconsciously controlled by fear… to living out of the power of background awareness…

Even better news:

The power “ever-available to you” from background awareness can help you overcome anything (irrespective of what sh*t is going on out there in the world)…

And best of all?

You never have to change "who" you are

Nor do you have to do anything to try and improve yourself in any way.

Leave all that stuff alone.

Instead, do the wisest thing you can do…

Release yourself from all your fears (both conscious and unconscious fears

If you do that — and only that — all of your life will unfold for you in truly miraculous ways.

What kind of miraculous ways?

Well, suddenly you get handed solutions to things that just weren’t there before.

New possibilities appear out of the blue.

Opportunities suddenly present themselves everywhere.

But it goes further than that…

Things begin falling in your lap.

Whatever needs to happen for you to get from where you are to where you want to be… starts happening.

And in the most perfect ways, too.

It all just starts happening in perfect synchronicity for you

Things will just play out for you in just the right way to give you the life you truly love.

This is what ALWAYS happens when you allow background awareness to take over from fear-based thinking.

This is what Lester really meant when he said, “If you want to change your life, change your consciousness”.

It’s both the “key” and the “doorway” to living a truly optimum life experience

What does an optimum experience of life look like to you?

Does it include being financially free?

Does it include having a body you are truly comfortable in?

Does it include enjoying great health without any concerns?

Does it include living with a passion and purpose that makes you feel truly alive?

Does it include having things in your life that you don’t yet have?

Whatever your optimum life experience looks like looks like for you…

You can move toward it and have it all fall into place for you…

Just as soon as you release your unconscious fears and drop into the power of background awareness

How do you do that?

How do you release your unconscious fears?

And how do you start living from the power of background awareness?

The fastest “most compact” way to do it is through the NEW short and intensive releasing tele-class called:


This is the tele-class to take if you want to start living an optimum life experience – regardless of what doom and gloom is going on in the world.

This tele-class is likely to fill up fast.

Because the tele-class is within a “compact” time frame.

It’s very reasonably priced.

And more and more people in our releasing community (and beyond) are realizing it’s now critical (now, more than ever) to do everything possible to get control of their consciousness in this strange new world that is happening around us.

The world is now a very different place to what it was just one year ago…

And if you want to thrive in it and come out stronger, better and more successful than ever…

You need to establish within yourself a new (better) consciousness to do it (this is what we refer to as background awareness).

That’s exactly what THE NEW CHANGE THE WORLD TELE-COURSE is designed to do.

It will show you how to make your life work better than ever… even in (and especially in) these strange new times we are in

The tele-class will only take five sessions.

And you simply call in for each session to discover:

  • How to quiet your mind and get it to work for you, rather than against you.
  • Master your ability to release all of your negativity and limitations, once and for all.
  • Learn what really causes successful people to win, time after time.
  • How you can master the real principles of success and systematically recreate your life.
  • A system you can use to guarantee your best life in as little as five sessions.​​​​

HERE’S WHY People get such great gains from our new tele-classes:

When you can stay at home and participate in a “full support” telephonic releasing program you tend to be very relaxed…

And that relaxedness allows you to take your releasing to a much DEEPER level compared to if you had to travel miles for a seminar setting, finding yourself in unfamiliar location with a lot of unfamiliar people.

In fact, the gains we’ve received from people who have participated in our “full support” stay-at-home tele-classes so far, seem to be off the charts.

Now, by registering for THE NEW CHANGE THE WORLD TELE-COURSE today, your gains could be equal to or better than these people…


“I have 50% less back pain. I ordered a water filter after 4 years of carting jugs back and forth to the grocery store.

My 3 year old goes around saying ‘More, and more, and more’…and he’s happy all the time. I released on his picky eating and he actually ate some hamburger today. Yeah! A toxic person went out of my life. Thanks for the great course. Look forward to sharing more gains.”
- C. Victory


“I’ve been catching up with the playbacks of the CYL course and doing the homework. I had a wonderful trip to NY as a guest at my friend’s music school and was showered with love! The students I taught were receptive and want me to return next year. Another interesting gain…while taking my violin to a violin shop in Manhattan the maker was trying to show me what a violin with a perfect neck feels like. Mine is in need of restoration. Anyway she went to a safe and pulled one out and I played on it. It felt and sounded amazing! All so easy. As it turns out (I didn’t know before hand) it was a Stradivarius! What’s awesome is that a week or two before, I was dreaming and saying to myself ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could play on a Strad before I leave the planet’? I totally forgot about it. I’ve been in and out of violin houses since childhood and not one violin maker has voluntarily given me a Strad to play. She was keeping it for someone. I’m also tickled she trusted my friend and I to play on it! I also had a colleague call me a couple of weeks ago to complain about something that happened on stage that night. He had a tantrum and wanted to vent. I was calm and as it turns out he said to me ‘I don’t know if you get it. Nothing seems to bother you!’ I giggled to myself and thought OK now I’m getting somewhere. I’m also handling overwhelming situations better than I used to.”
- S. Blumberg


“Been having great gains from the Change Your Life Tele-Course. A couple of ones I wanted to mention: Realized and released a program about money: “my parents fought over money and it was my fault.” When I did the squeezing the lemon question to release my attachment to money, I got to the really quiet place and realized “I am” does not need money. It actually needs “nothing.” I stayed there basking in beingness for quite some time. I am finding it a lot easier to forgive people. Thanks for the great course.”
- C.J.


“After the class yesterday I didn’t “think” about what to do and just started working on a sewing project that I had started a few weeks ago that had been problematic. The work went easily and I finished a whole section. I hung a curtain rod. Then I vacuumed the entire apartment, went for a walk, visited with a neighbor and did releasing homework. That was a lot accomplished for me in one day, considering I didn’t start until 3pm.

Today I woke up with some negative thoughts and was able to release them easily. I feel very calm, peaceful.”
- K. Rosen


“I allow my life to unfold effortlessly at all times. I see this as countering my out-of-control thinking. Later in the week, I began releasing on this goal. One day in particular was heavily booked with things that I had to produce, not just attend meetings. I got 2 more big things that I had to produce thrown at me that day, and I completed everything in a reasonable time (1 task vaporized and wasn’t needed), including taking my 1 hour at the hotel across the street for my time. In the lab one day, 2 colleagues sat across from me and began bragging between each other about a particular thing. I could have one-uped them on this particular thing, but was quiet. It didn’t occur to me to say anything. Only noticed this at the end of the day when I was reviewing the day. Mind was quieter that day. One day, a colleague asked for help, and I went over and stood beside/over this colleague and we worked. Later, when I was reviewing the day, I realized that I hadn’t viewed this colleague in an objective body-way, as had been typical in general. My mind is rewiring itself. Continue to be blessed w/ free use of hotel gym, pool and meeting room for releasing at lunch. Continue to be blessed w/ approved free Internet use at a hotel near home b/c I don’t have Internet in the apartment. Donated blood and got free coupons for food. Got $414 back from Cashback Rewards from a credit card. Gain was seeing that this small stuff happens to me all the time, and the size is limited by my thinking.”
- R. Nakai

Family Hike


Seriously — if you want to create an optimal life that defies all expectations of what is possible…

While simultaneously enriching your life and the lives of others…

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