In reviewing the “Fast-Steps to Freedom” below, we can easily see that we all have a chance to experience more FREEDOM each and every day simply by including one or more of these steps into our daily releasing practices.  Lester Levenson and Larry Crane include these points in each course to point out that by utilizing these principles it will help us to fine-tune our releasing skills.  The steps below are guidelines that we may use to improve our ability to discriminate and focus our attention positively.  Each principle suggests an opportunity of mastery.  Please review each step and begin to experiment with these philosophies.

1.  Get everything by releasing – in this step Lester is pointing out that we can have anything that we would like to have, be or do simply through the act of releasing.  By having a strong intention, working on the various exercises, and releasing whatever blocks are in the way frees us of any imposed limitation or impossibility.
Releasing is a skill; so the more we practice the better we can discriminate and be able apply love to ourselves, others and to the situations we are facing.

2.  Practice witnessing – by witnessing at all times, we are reminded that everything is a story coming up from the past.  Witnessing allows us to remain unattached, non-judging, and non-resistant.  This very important step is suggesting that when we are in Courageousness, Acceptance or Peace – that we are able to release our non-loving feelings.  In this step, we are examining our thinking and correcting it.  Please note: there is no ‘wanting to change’ is this step. Witnessing is the state of “Isness.”  Witnessing is accepting ‘what is’ without reacting.

3.  Take responsibility for everything – in this step we our taking responsibility for everything which allows us to identify why we created/recreated an experience to occur.  By using this approach, we can easily let go of any negative pictures or stories, AGFLAP, wanting, blame, judgment, denial, etc. just by facing our fears and resistance and simply releasing the limitations.  By taking ownership of the matter and also taking responsibility for how we feel, allows us to see there are no victims.

4.  Take all joy from within – in this step we find that through releasing we are secure within our Self.  As we release and remove the layers of negativity, we also start to experience joy, happiness and peace.  In peace, we can effortlessly take all of our joy from within, as opposed to looking for it in people, places or things external to us.

5.  Be all giving – the act of “all-giving” is to experience everyone and everything as a part of the whole.  In this step we see there is no separation.  We love unconditionally.  When we are all-giving, we are also free of resistance, fear, wanting, and AGFLAP.  When we are all-giving everything is in harmony.  We are aligned in beingness.  There is no score keeping; no owing or indebtedness; and most importantly there is no wanting of anything in return.  We are actually giving to our Self by removing the obstacles of limitation.  In this step, we move out of wanting and move into having – being – doing.

6.  Be yourself – in this step is us simply knowing without a doubt that we are not our mind; we are not our body; and we are not our ego.  Being yourself is what remains after we have eliminated AGFLAP, wanting, fear and the resistance.  What remains is happiness – with no regrets.  Happiness with no sorrows.  Perfection…

By incorporating these points into our daily releasing routines, will help us to experience an even greater shift in seeing what we truly are.  There are no limitations. There are no impossibles. Strengthen your intention for FREEDOM!  You’ve gone this far… why not go all the way!

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