Now it’s time to look at one of the biggest things that stops us from getting what we want in life. Let’s take a look at that “ghost” called fear.

I think that fear is one of the most misunderstood things that we deal with. So, the first thing I want to do is try to get an understanding about just what fear is. Fear is just a negative expectation with a lot of emotions attached to it.

Basically, it’s just an energy. Yes, it really is that simple. That is all that fear really is — an energy. And it’s an energy not about anything that is real or in the present moment. It is about a possible future.

It is not about a definite future; there is no definite future. The future includes all kinds of possibilities.

And the energy of fear can only exist as long as you are holding onto it. Only as long as you are placing your attention on it. Fear really is only the energy of your attention that you are using to protect yourself from an imagined event that has not happened.

The good news is – it’s simple to let go of fear and move into love. All you have to do is use the Release Technique to release your attention from fear and allow your attention to simply rest in the love that you are. That’s what Kathleen did when she was “triggered” by other people and felt the energy of fear arise within her. Here is what she reports: “Hi Larry, A well-meaning person started telling me all about how I would probably fail, bla bla bla. I thank them they brought up a pocket of AGFLAP. I released on all the wants that came up and I physically felt the heavy energy lift out of me and I no longer had any attachments or aversion to the person or any one in my past who had decided they knew who I am and what my life would be. With this release I felt love and appreciation for those who had triggered me so that I could go free.” Kathleen, AZ

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