Peace is within us. Most of the time we’re not seeing it because we’re looking for it externally. The problem with this approach is that our most intimate experience of Peace is through the feeling of inner calmness. So how can we achieve inner calm by searching outwardly?

We must begin to look inward for peace so that we can be anchored in peace all the time. We can start by recognizing our habits for trying to achieve it externally.

What are some situations in your life that you feel need to change in order to experience inner Peace?

What are some people in your life that you need to change (or disappear) in order to feel inner Peace?

What do you need to have… what do you need to do… what do you need to be in order to feel like you can have Peace in your life?

When we do this (looking for inner calm through external changes) we’re setting ourselves up for a big trap.

We are focusing all of our attention and pouring all of our energy into the thought, “This needs to change!” That very thought generates a disturbance of Peace. It actually pushes it away, rather than bringing it to us.

The answer is to Let Go! Let go of searching for it. Let go of trying to change what you think must change in order to have it. Let go of thinking that it lies somewhere “out there.”

When you let go of looking for it “out there” you find that you already have it inside of yourself. The mind goes quiet, because it’s no longer on a quest for something (impossible) and it’s allowed to simply rest in the moment – complete, content, satisfied, Peaceful!

And when you discover that true inner Peace inside within, you experience the sensation of Havingness!

Imagine for a moment that you have EVERYTHING you could possibly want in life. Allow yourself to really feel that sensation of total Havingness.

What are you experiencing?

Notice that it feels more Peaceful. So, peace and havingness are really synonymous, and somewhere inside we already know that. This is why we’ve been running around for so long trying to have things our way (trying to change everything we don’t like) in order to experience peace.

We’ve been doing it backwards!

The answer is to connect with the peace (which is easier than you think because it is already inside of you). When you do that, you’ll experience to your delight that everything “out there” comes your way.

I’ll explain why that happens in another article, but in the meantime I encourage you to try it out for yourself.

Start looking inward for peace so you can realize peace within your own mind (thoughts) and body (feelings).

The Release Technique will show you a simple step-by-step process on how to find your peace. The best thing about the Release Technique is that it is totally experiential. You get to PROVE to yourself that Peace in inner calmness is already inside of you, and along with it comes vast abundance and limitless possibilities.

Dr. Ken Smythe