As a result of releasing, we sometimes feel peaceful and mistakenly think, “I no longer have to release anymore because (fill in the blank)!”  Well that thought is listening to your ego.  Releasing is a decision and a continual way of removing the non-loving feelings.  By actively looking for the non-loving feelings through releasing, allows us to take responsibility for what we have created.  The reason we are feeling SO good, is because we are investing in ourselves and eliminating the not-so-good feelings that we have been holding onto for so long.  So when we choose to stop releasing, we are making a decision to allow our ego to be in charge.  This decision results in our beginning to ‘float above the remaining garbage.’  We are deciding to keep the remaining negativity.

Being on automatic remains the predominant way of thinking unless we clean up all the negativity that we are holding onto. By choosing to stop releasing, is only because we are afraid to succeed.  We are afraid of positive because we don’t understand it.  Positive never hurts.  If you want to know what hurts it is listening to stories from the past.  It is also doubting, resisting, being in fear and escaping.  These tendencies will keep us stuck, often for long periods of time, if we aren’t discriminating.  The doubt, resistance, fear, and escaping tendencies are simply programs that we created to protect the negativity.  Again all of this is showing us, that we have many negative programs running.  This is why Lester Levenson created the Goals and Resistance and What Do I Want to do When I Grow Up courses.  He knew that we all have resistance and fear and that in order to overcome these tendencies, first we need to learn to release, and second we needed to have the appropriate tools that would help us to overcome the habit of being on automatic.  The only reason we choose to remain limited is because we haven’t yet mastered our thoughts.  Mastery is about getting bigger than the ego.  Mastery is about giving ourselves permission to keep going; to keep releasing.  Mastery is moving forward.

Everything that happens to us (good or bad) is the result of a previous thought(s).  If we are, ‘what if-ing…,’ ‘why not-ting…,’ or ‘no way-ing…,’ these are all forms of disapproval, figuring things out, wanting to change and wanting to be safe.  Lester tells us, “That each and every thought will materialize, unless we neutralize the thought.  If we don’t neutralize the thought, it will manifest at sometime in the future, if not immediately.”  As we release and become more positive, we are also bringing up deeper levels of wanting and AGFLAP.  Fear, resistance and wanting are what cause us to ‘think’ we no longer need to release.  The reason we want to escape the next feeling, is because we haven’t decided to take responsibility for our feelings.  Remember, the ego cannot discriminate or release as it is simply a ‘record and playback unit’ that is incapable of taking action.  If we are in AGFLAP, wanting to change, wanting to escape, wanting to figure something out, we are revealing to ourselves that YES there is more garbage in the filing cabinet of the mind and that we have more work to do.

Because all thoughts will manifest at some point in time, if the majority of our thoughts are negative, chances are, as life moves forward and we aren’t releasing, it is logical to point out that negative events will continue to materialize.  Negative events occur simply, and for no other reason, because that’s what we are holding in mind.  Each event, negative or positive, is based on something from the past. The feelings are coming up to leave.  Your feelings are trying to get your attention so they can be released.  The only way the feelings can leave, is if we welcome them and let them go.  In being all loving, we come to understand that we no longer need to run, hide, or escape, as beingness offers us the opportunity to find wholeness, perfection and peace within our self.  The only reason we choose to move away from releasing is because of negative programs and stories that are running.  None of these stories is the real you.  By holding onto negative programs causes us to sabotage ourselves from being successful in relationships, in health, and matters related to our finances.  Holding onto negative programs, or floating above the garbage, also prevents us from overcoming the limitations that remain buried within our subconscious mind.

By making a decision and continuing to release is increasing of one’s momentum.  In doing so, we are actually making a commitment to become freer of the total baggage that is keeping us limited.  The mind is mostly subconscious and negative; therefore it requires a big effort from each of us to keep moving forward and to actively continue to remove the negativity.  Anytime we are floating above our garbage, Step #1 of the method is off.  By making a decision to have, be or do something, or simply deciding not to have it, is choosing freedom over AGFLAP.  Whatever it is that you truly would like to experience, is available by deciding to stop floating above the garbage.  If we did it, we can undo it!  If we are running from the past, trust that there are negative stories running.  The associated programs are affecting your health, relationships, and your overall level of abundance. By making a decision to move into courageousness, acceptance or peace helps us to immediately become unstuck.  Just by giving ourselves permission to be Ok with whatever is coming up, in the minute we stop resisting, the struggle is over.  We moved into CAP.  By being Ok with whatever happened, we are taking responsibility for our feelings.  Through releasing, we can immediately begin to feel relieved of whatever ails us.  We can finally be done trying to change the past!  We can accept whatever is coming up, as it is something from the past that wants to leave!

By filling ourselves up with positive energy regularly, makes releasing the AGFLAP, releasing the wanting, and releasing the fear and resistance much easier to handle.  Remind yourself who is in charge.  As the boss, you are capable of getting bigger than the ego, fear, wanting or resistance, simply by letting go of floating.  As we continue to release, things will continue to further improve in all areas of our lives.  Why stop with a piece of the pie, when you can have the have the entire pie of goodness that is available to you?  All of the goodness and happiness that you are seeking is right where you are.  It’s all inside of you waiting to be uncovered.  You are the beautiful, successful, happiness that you are seeking.  Make the decision to have a life filled with total happiness and no regrets.  Keep releasing as it helps you to stop floating above the garbage.  Decide once and for all, that enough is enough.

Love Yourself…