Article Contributed by Jenny La Fontaine

Today is Thanksgiving Day. What a wonderful opportunity for gratitude. To live in gratitude is to be in Beingness, to be Free.

Two years ago I never could have imagined that I would be where I am at today. To be this happy, loving and peaceful is nothing short of a miracle. However, this ‘miracle’ has a method behind it that ANYONE can use – the Release Technique.

I am so grateful to Lester. He found his way to love, bliss and Freedom. He could have stayed there but he chose to consciously work to ‘come back’ to a state from which he could show US that we could do what he did – and HOW to do it. Lester gave us the Release Technique. He gave us the tools to have happiness with no sorrow, to love totally, unconditionally, to have abundance, to have mastery over our bodies. He gave us the way to have Mastery over our lives, to live in Freedom.

I am so grateful to Larry. Lester asked Larry to continue to bring this work to the world. Larry said “yes” and has been doing just that ever since. He does not have to do it. It is his choice. Without Lester AND Larry I would not be where I am today. It is Larry who holds together the organization of the Release Technique and makes available the retreats, the 90-day programs and of course all the CD courses and books. Way beyond that, he teaches. He gives us his experience, his insights, his stories and his jokes! Above all he gives us himself. He knows exactly when to be gentle, when to be tough. Lester says we are all Masters. Larry is a Master.

I am grateful to the teachers. They give freely of their time and of themselves. They are volunteers. Their payment is that in giving they receive. They release, change, move and grow right along with us and we get the benefit of it too. I feel Lester’s guiding hand with each one of them. Each one of them is unique and brings something different. Each one of them has said something (or many things) that have given me greater and greater insights. Each one of them has been there for me when I have been stuck and helped me further along the path. I thank you all.

I am grateful to all my many and various releasing partners. The ones that have traveled the 90-day programs with me – and beyond, and those that have done an exercise with me at a retreat or on the maestro phone system. Each of you has brought me closer to Freedom. I thank you.
I am grateful to everyone in my life who has ever stirred up some AGFLAP! Without you, my mirrors, I would not have seen the AGFLAP and had so many opportunities to learn to just love it all and allow it to leave.

Lastly I am grateful to myself! I am grateful that I have been persistent with releasing. I have never given up even when the going got tough. I am grateful that in this life time, for whatever reason, I chose to find the path to Freedom.