Lester Levenson and Larry Crane have been teaching the Release® Technique method for over 60 years.  Their work easily demonstrates that anyone can be happy simply because happiness is truly our basic nature.  Once we are shown how to see what limitations and excuses that we are holding onto, we can release them.  When we release, we begin to experience an inner happiness that is most definitely joyful and delicious. Quite simply, happiness is YOU without sorrow or regrets.  By releasing your non-loving thoughts and feelings (such as grief, fear, anger, etc.), you’ll find that you are actually happier and lighter.  The happiness you are seeking is contained within your very self.

The Release® Technique method shows us in a step-by-step manner how everyone can easily achieve happiness and abundance in all areas of their lives.  Regardless of age, level of education or income, or any other factor, everyone can effortlessly experience more loving relationships, improved health, greater degrees of prosperity, and feelings of being happier.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.  Life is a precious gift that can be greatly enhanced in ways we never thought possible by learning this method.  We can easily tap into an endless supply of happiness just by turning our attention back onto ourselves.  Lester has said, “We are looking for happiness where it isn’t.  We think we may find happiness, in him/her, in this job, and the happiness we are seeking is never there.”  Real happiness is simply a state of being at peace with one’s Self.  Real happiness includes an inner knowingness, an infinite supply of love, and feelings of being safe.  Real happiness also includes being in control and being aware that through our decisions we can significantly improve the quality of our lives.  We’ve said this before, “Life is a decision” so why not decide to really follow your heart and experience love and happiness as this is your natural essence.  Once you make a decision to do something other than hoping and waiting for things to change, you have set into motion an all-loving approach to resolving any difficulty within your life.  The release method is an easy and fun way that guides you towards happiness, with no sorrow.  Remember, positive never hurts.  Love is the most powerful energy in the world.  When one is loving, there is no insult or injury.  Resistance or struggle simply melts away.  Everything becomes perfect, harmonious, and pleasant.  So when we focus on loving our Self, we are aligning ourselves in the direction of having and experiencing real happiness at all times.

Releasing can be applied to all areas of your life.  Within a short period of time after learning this method, you will notice positive changes begin to appear within your life.  This system works!  Don’t take my word on it; try it for yourself by ordering the course and proving it to yourself that you too can begin to have a life without sorrow or regret.  The Abundance Course home study program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.  Live operators are available to speak with you 24-hours a day by calling 888-333-7703 (international access: 541-957-4969) or you can order materials through our website at www.releasetechnique.com/store .  We offer live classes that include teleconference style participation.  We provide free coaching by sponsoring a support line (Monday-Friday) that includes trained representatives available to answer your questions or work with you on a one-on-on basis to help you gain clarity on a subject that you are working on.  We host a free weekly teleconference where you can ask questions, share gains, or simply listen and be inspired as others speak with Larry Crane.  Folks from around the world participate in these highly interactive and enjoyable calls.  Also available is a replay line and audio archive, so you can review past calls at your convenience.  We invite you to visit our blog by going to: www.ultimatehappinesssecret.com so that you can be further inspired.  Here you will find many interesting perspectives related to releasing and on letting go of limitations.  We further support you by sending out a monthly magazine that presents useful tips, articles, and notices of upcoming events. These ancillary services are available to you at no additional charge.  The Release Technique method is an effective means in transforming your life from dissatisfaction to happiness with no sorrow.  We focus our services and products so that everyone can benefit and realize that they are fully supported.  The investment you are making in yourself is one that we take seriously.  Your happiness and success in using this method is our highest priority.  We continuously work on ourselves, and are working together with people from around the globe offering products and services that are equally supportive to newcomers, as well as to seasoned releasers.

Many releasers have found that by learning to release experientially, and proving to themselves that each of us is responsible for our own choices, has resulted in a tremendous and positive shift in their lives.  We can all have, do, or be more than we ever previously thought possible.  Happiness is available, abundant and is unlimited.  Each time one releases, they instantly become happier and lighter.  Life truly gets better and better.  Experience for yourself that there are no impossibles – other than what you are holding in mind!  Take it for checking and prove to yourself that goodness is possible.  Say “YES” to happiness!  Say “YES” to abundance!  Say “YES” in discovering a system that is so comprehensive and capable of transforming your life from mediocre to AMAZING!  You will feel so much better about your life and your circumstances that you’ll want to let family members and friends be introduced to this system, so that they too can benefit with greater health, improved relationships, financial prosperity, and most importantly be able to easily tap into their own happiness center!

Watch this free video to learn more on Happiness:  Happiness – What Is It?