Is it even possible to completely and fully heal the past?  Well the good news is yes it is possible for us to heal any hurt; any wound; any tear of sadness or disappointment that we have ever experienced.  In order for us to be able to fully transform words of anger, rage, or humiliation requires that we first make a decision that we would like to change how we feel in relation to those experiences that have left us feeling confused and withdrawn.  Second, we need to begin doing something other than what have done, or are continuing to do in order for us to begin to change the patterns that we have adopted.  If we continue to do things as we have always done, chances are, our lives will pretty much remain the same.  If we don’t consciously change our patterns, our focus remains on our holding grudges, blaming, feeling hurt, rejected or abandoned. Holding onto these types of feelings, is holding in mind, emotions that are other than healing which prevents us from moving forward.

Healing requires each of us to accept that the events that have occurred in each of our lives are the result of what we were holding in mind.  This concept is bit far-fetched to fully comprehend.  And yet in order for each of us to move past being stuck in difficult relationships, struggling to make ends meet, dealing with compromised health or an entire list of other personal conflicts requires each of us to take responsibility for our thinking.  In a sense, none of us really understand how or why bad things happen to good people.  In truth, our thoughts create our reality.  Our good thoughts create abundance, joy, prosperity and heartfelt happiness that radiates throughout our entire being.  Agree?  So when we are holding in mind fearful or angry thoughts, we are unconsciously creating fearful and hateful results which can also be felt throughout our being.  We live our lives mostly unaware of how our thoughts are creating our experiences.  In order for us to heal the past we need to begin to understand how our thoughts materialize.  Healing, in all honesty, comes from within.  No one and no thing outside of us can fix or heal us.  When we begin to let go of unhealthy tendencies and thoughts, we move towards improved health, healthier relationships, abundance, gratitude, and coming out ahead.  We learn to be humbled, respectful of ourselves and others, so we can begin to experience peace.

Here is an example that may help you to relate with this point on a deeper level. When we take our cars to the mechanic, it is usually because we heard some noise or are experiencing some issue requiring our car to be fixed.  So, we therefore take our car to the mechanic and trust that he will find the problem and fix it.  Yes, mechanics are amazing members of our communities!  These folks have been trained to interpret our sounds, whistles, and stories and somehow identify exactly where the problem is located within our automobile.  Then, once the problem area is located, the mechanic also has the necessary skills to fix our car. So he is trained in both diagnostic and preventative care.  In a short time our car is fixed and we are able to drive away and continue enjoying our car and the convenience it allows us to have.  Imagine having a similar system that provides you with a similar type of knowledge.  It’s like getting a user-manual on “how to fix you” both diagnostically and preventatively.  Any issue, no matter how big, can easily be transformed and healed completely.  This may sound mind-boggling, and yet it is 100% true and scientifically provable.  The Release® Technique system provides us with an incredible opportunity that shows us step-by-step on how we can heal any part of our life.  We learn exactly where to look for the problems and also have the knowledge on how to correct and reverse the problem.  This system is unbelievably simple and yet amazingly powerful as it shows us how to be responsible for our thoughts, both past and present.  It shows us how we can create better outcomes.  It’s a semi-do-it-yourself process that includes support, encouragement, and tremendous growth.  This method includes guidance every step of the way.  The home study course is available for you to learn, and continue practicing, in an audio format containing 10-CDs, plus 5-bonus CDs. The Abundance Course, home-study course, is available at: or by calling our Order Department at 888-333-7703.  You can also learn the course by registering to attend a “Live” weekend workshop that takes place at various locations throughout the world.  You’ll enjoy working with others and experiencing firsthand that healing the past begins the minute we decide to move in that direction. Our upcoming class schedule is available at: .

You are further supported by having access to our Helpline (Monday-Friday). The Support Helpline is staffed with fully trained folks that are available to speak with you in regards to any question or concern that you are experiencing at no additional charge to you.  We also support you by hosting a weekly conference call that produces momentum, provides additional support, and offers an opportunity for you to share gains or ask questions.  The Release Technique system is profound in its ability to help us look at our so-called mistakes and losses by showing us how we can heal our past occurrences by allowing us to see our own negative patterns.  The system is based on the principle “If we did it, we can un-do it.”  Therefore, correcting our thinking in believing negative events just happened to us and there is nothing available to help us to heal or repair these situations. Give yourself a well-needed opportunity to heal your own past.  Testimonials of success are available for you to review at: