As a little girl, I clearly remember my mom telling me what a ‘smart’ child I was simply because I had a real knack for putting complicated puzzles together that were meant for kids much older than me. I felt very approved by my mom and decided that in order to have her approval, that all I had to do was excel academically.

I carried this belief throughout my school career and well into college and when I was hired as an engineer in Hi-Tech, I got highly rewarded for “figuring things out”.

Wow, what a pattern.

So what a hurdle it was for me to overcome this ‘wanting to figure it out’ business when it came to releasing. I’m supposed to figure things out right? That’s what I’m paid to do, right? I get accolades, awards, titles, certificates, (approval) for figuring things out, right?


It took me nearly a year after constantly releasing on ‘letting go of figuring it out’ and feeling temporarily bouts of relief only to find myself in ‘trying to figure out what to do’ again and again.

There I was involving my mind, my best buddy, the one that promised me the answers to life, having me wait and wait and wait, going nowhere fast.

What a habit to break when we think we must apply this ‘bad habit’ towards our finances, relationships, and even our own well-being.

Such a burden, isn’t it?

The real shift came when I finally decided to ultimately ‘let IT go,’ by taking a leap of faith and surrendering fully to Beingness.

What a relief! There is much truth to the saying “Let Go and Let God”.

The day I decided to make the goal, “I will get everything by releasing only, NO MATTER WHAT!” was the day I truly made the commitment to Freedom. My ego went crazy from time to time, but I knew the true nature of the beast and no longer paid any attention to it anymore.

It was also the day I began to witness Beingness in action.

I cannot begin to list the gains that have resulted in this decision. I’ve come to trust my intuition more and more. And the more I pay attention to Beingness, the louder the inspirations and ideas I have; the clarity of answers to so-called “problems” appear, much faster. Life has become easier and more harmonious than ever before.

So make the decision. “Let go of figuring IT out” and “Get EVERTHING by releasing only”.

Oh, and would you be willing to do yourself a BIG favor and give yourself loads of approval just because?

As Lester would say, “Try it. You’ll like it.”