It took Lester Levenson 3 months to “Go Free”, his term for Self-Realization. Over the years many of his students asked him, “Yeah, good, that was you and you had extenuating circumstances pushing you to the limits – but how long is it going to take little ol’ me, since you say we can all do this and Go Free?”

To one of his students asking him this, he turned around and asked her how much she released. She replied, “One hour a day, without fail!” To which Lester responded, “And what do you do the other 23 hours?” – much to the delight and laughter of the whole group present at the time…

The point he was making? He found and presented to the entire world a new, very clear path to Freedom, to Self-Enlightenment, to Mastership, which is simple and so easy a 3 year old child can do it. And we are not taking advantage of it! We are not doing it!

Not taking advantage of it, yet expecting miracles nonetheless. “A-wishin’ and a-hopin’”, as the old song goes.

Lester pulled no punches, ever. And on this subject he said we have to want Freedom more than anything else and devote all our time to it. Nothing less will do it. He said point-blank: It’s got to be full time. Then, said Lester, we can have it in months, a few years at the most. Freedom. Self-Realization.

Didn’t he get that we work, and have kids to take care of, social events to attend, movies to go to and books to read? Yup. He got it. But he told us time and again, Freedom is a decision. And once you have truly decided to have Freedom, to go Free, a big part of the decision is to not let anything – ANYTHING – get in the way.

The world beckons with all its distractions. Yes. Most of our activities and things we do are related to having and taking care of our human bodies and that takes all our waking hours. Yes. Lester was asking a lot of us when he said not to let anything else get in the way, wasn’t he?

Yes. And no. Remember that he had the extraordinary chance to see life from both sides – B.C. (as he laughingly liked to call it – Before Consciousness) and After Freedom. You can hear his Before and After story on the new Centennial CD set that Release Technique LLC has just published. Lester knew that B.C. represents only a tiny, finite slice of life and living and having and knowing and being, compared to After Freedom. B.C. is limitations and struggle on an emotional roller coaster. After Freedom, we are Infinite; we have it all by the mere thought of it! Wow! What a return on investment, I would say!!

He also knew that we eventually get to the end of Ego and all its games – because he did it! Ego and its games are finite; cut through that and see that we were always Infinite. That is Lester’s message. That is where Releasing can take each of us.

What do you decide? Ready to have it all?