Strange title isn’t it? How to cause yourself Peace?
Something’s built into that title. You likely saw it right away. Of course. You cause it all. You, I, all of us, we cause it all.

Each of us causes everything we experience. Are you on board with that? It’s daunting if you haven’t looked at it that way. It can be a leap for someone who has looked at it that way.

Here it is: Take full responsibility for everything you experience. Everything.

Something really good happens. Something not so good happens. Something unpleasant. Something goes against your grain. Somebody rubs you wrong. Sometimes you gotta grit your teeth. “I did that.”  “I’m fully and completely responsible for my picture.”

Sorry. You can’t pick and choose. “I’ll take full responsibility for the good stuff. The bad stuff, not so much.” To take responsibility for only part of what you experience is part time victimhood.

“I’m a victim,” can also be a tough pill to swallow. I don’t want to admit I’m a victim, do you? It says I’m weak. Someone to be pitied. Someone who feels trampled on by life. We don’t want to be one of those, do we?

Unless we take full responsibility, unless we concede that we cause ALL we experience, every moment of our lives, we are, at least, a part time victim.  And, maybe, just maybe—buckle your seat belt—just maybe we’re a full-time victim. Whether we admit it or not.

Visualize a pie chart.  Estimate the percentage of time you’re a victim. Brutal self-honesty required. The pill tastes bitter but brings a sweet cure.
Let’s define victim: It happened to me. I didn’t do it. The cause of whatever I experience is out there somewhere. My genes, my upbringing, my schooling, my parents, my siblings, my boss. Yes, even God.  That’s some of that “old time religion.” God keeps close tabs on me. With a trigger finger. Ready to blast me. As needed.

“Gimme that old time religion. It’s good enough for me.”  That’s how the worn out old song goes.
Is it good enough for you? Really? It’s not for me. It shouldn’t be good for you, or anybody. Right?
That old belief, that something out there did it to me, means we live totally out of control.

The stunning truth: If you did it, you can change it. If you didn’t do it, you’re stuck with it.

The Release Technique teaches, never believe what you’re told.  Check it out for your self. Prove it to your self.  That’s how you know for sure.
Gut check time.  Are you responsible for everything you experience?

A voice cries out, “How could it be?” It could be, and it is because your mind is creative.  It is only creative. You create everything you experience with your thoughts and feelings. Prove it to your self. Track back to the starting place of your experiences. Especially the so-called bad stuff.

Constantly ask, “How did I cause this?” You see it. You realize. Yes, in fact, I did cause it all. Track back. Track back as far as you can remember. Then track back some more.  You’ll see the exact starting point of any experience you have. Somebody made an outrageous remark. Somebody snatched you out of your peaceful bliss. Somebody screamed at you. Somebody ignored you. You saw something that scared you witless. You made a decision.

When you take responsibility for all you experience it changes your life. Once you see you made a decision, based on whatever hit you right square in the nose at the time, you see that you can change that decision.  You see it was only a decision. It wasn’t a fact. It wasn’t truth. It was a decision you made in that moment. Change your decision. Right now, in this present moment.

Thought says, “This is just who I am.”   “I’m not smart enough.” “I don’t have what it takes.” “I don’t quite measure up.” “I don’t know how to do it”  “I can’t do that.” “It’s just not me.”  And on and on. Buckets full of very damaging convictions. What are some of your favorites?

We convince ourselves of them. We accept them as truth. We plug them into our mental computer. Right?
Your mind works exactly like your PC or Mac. You cram programs—thoughts and feelings, the birthplace of stubborn convictions— into that mental computer and they run, and run, and continue to run.

X years later—how old are you now?— those programs are still running.  Just like any computer. Those programs run ’til you delete them. Age five, or was it three? A woman or man might have decided, “I’ll never make it.” That program is running right now. It colors their view and skews their every action.

Your experience seems like it’s “out there,” doesn’t it?  Actually, it’s in here, in your mind, in your mental computer. Everything you see on that video monitor, whatever you see in your life, is just in your mind.  Your experience, seemingly out there, is the total collection of your thoughts and feelings, stuck into and running in your computer.

I know. I’m repeating. It’s a bit to grasp. It’s contrary to what we accepted on day one. Which is: This world happens to me.  Rather than, my world, all of it, is my own making. It’s comfortable to believe and assert, the cause of my experience is someone or something out there. They did it to me. Life dealt me this deck of cards.

It’s comfortable because it’s how most of us have always looked at it. Only when life becomes very uncomfortable do we begin to question that proposition.

What feels out of whack in your life right now? What do you prefer were different? Track back. Keep tracking back and looking. At some point, you’ll discover the decision you made in your childish misunderstanding. It corresponds to the unpleasant experience you’re having in your life right now.

You’ll see a movie running surrounding that decision, right? Take each frame of that movie, one frame at a time. See the energy in each frame of your movie as wanting approval, wanting control or wanting to be safe. Drop the want that you see. Keep it up until the energy in each frame, and the frame itself, is deleted from your mental computer. Take all the energy out of those pictures you created. Delete them.  Make a new picture. A new decision.

There’s only Now. You can de-energize and delete what seems like an ages old decision. That seemingly ancient decision is with you right here and Now. The virus-infected program is running Now. Delete it. Make a new decision. A decision that matches the life you prefer.

C’mon. Where did you put it? I know you’ve got it. Is it out in the garage? That old Programs Course of yours. Please go get it. Dust it off. Go all the way through it. Give yourself a refresher.  You don’t have the Programs Course? Grab your phone, or go to the internet. Order right now. Pay the extra for rush delivery. Act like you’re rich. A few more bucks for fast shipping is nothing (but a thought). (Is your mind quacking like a mad duck right now? Track back. When did you put that lack money program into your computer? Why not go in and delete those old pictures right now?)

You are the Master of your fate. You are the Captain of all you experience. Drop your disapproval of programs you put into your mental computer.  Bill Gates doesn’t beat himself down when his latest program is full of bugs. Why should you? Do what Bill does. Fix it! Get all your worker bees, called thoughts, lined up and operating as you want them to. Just like Bill does. You’re in charge of your company, called your life. Seize it. Be the boss. (We know Bill doesn’t run his company anymore. But he won’t mind if we use him as an example, will he?)

Decide to de-bug your computer. Decide you can do it, program by program. See all those pictures hiding out in your computer as wanting approval, wanting control or wanting security. Immediately delete whatever want you see. Keep going. Continuously delete those old, corrupt, outdated, life-wrecking programs. It’s ok if you get stuck. Just let yourself be stuck. Stay with it. It’s the doorway to discovery. Want to control what you see? Let it go. Want approval? Want security? Let it all go. Do that continually, and be continually happier and lighter.

It’s your life. They’re your programs. You put them into your computer. Decide to delete those faulty thought/feeling clusters called programs. Cause the life you would like to have.

Cause yourself peace. You can do it.
(A cautionary note. Your ego does not want you to locate and delete those programs. It will likely try to scare the heck out of you with questions such as, “Who will I be without my misery?” Who am I without these thought patterns I’ve known all these years? Who will I be without my pain?” It’s up to you to say, “No more. I decide. I’m no longer living by the tired old movie script I’ve been puppeting.”)
That noisy ego works hard to derail you. Ignore it. You can do it.
Why not start right now?
“Change your thinking. And you change your world for you.” Lester Levenson


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