• Those programs are sabotaging the amount of money you are able to earn (and hold onto).
  • Those programs are “ruling” the way other people treat you (or overlook you).
  • Those programs are determining your level of (or lack of) happiness.
  • And, those programs are the underlying reason your life always seems to get stuck in a certain pattern that you cannot break free of (no matter what you do or what you try).

In fact, see how many of these 7 common programs you think might be running your life (then I’ll show you how to clear them from your unconscious):

LIMITING PROGRAM 1: I’m not good enough / smart enough.

WHEN YOU CLEAR THIS PROGRAM: You walk tall, you feel at ease among all kinds of people (including those more experienced, wealthier and in higher positions than you). Other people sense your grace and presence and find it a very attractive quality. Other people gravitate toward you and defer to you opinions. You feel respected, empowered and


LIMITING PROGRAM 2: There’s only so much money someone in my position / age can earn.

WHEN YOU CLEAR THIS PROGRAM: You see options that had previously been “hidden” from you. Your income goes up, without any seeming extra effort on your part. Lucrative opportunities find their way to you. People come out of the woodwork to support you and / or give you a leg up in the world. And you realize that the only “cap” on your income is the figure you’re comfortable with in your mind.

LIMITING PROGRAM 3: I hate the way I look (or I hate the way that part of my body looks).

WHEN YOU CLEAR THIS PROGRAM: It’s like a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You feel comfortable in your own skin, perhaps for the first time since early childhood. You experience more energy and vitality. You feel like a flower that has finally blossomed and you want to share your aliveness with everyone around you.

LIMITING PROGRAM 4: No matter what I do it’s never good enough.


You go for what you want. You involve yourself in things that previously you would have shied away from. You have a greater zest for life. Everything becomes FUN. You love new challenges. You never feel like you failed or let yourself down. Instead you become so engaged in whatever activity you throw yourself into you never have time to think about judging yourself. You automatically find yourself achieving more than you ever had before and your confidence skyrockets.

LIMITING PROGRAM 5: I will never find the right person to be in a relationship with.

WHEN YOU CLEAR THIS PROGRAM: You stop obsessing over finding that “special someone.” Instead you’re comfortable with who you are and your life just the way it is. Ironically, it’s then that your life will unfold in such a way that you’ll naturally find that “special someone” for you. Maybe you’ll be introduced through a mutual acquaintance. Or perhaps you’ll meet at an activity or class you both at- tend. It doesn’t matter. You just need to clear away the limiting program and let the rest take care of itself.

LIMITING PROGRAM 6: There’s only so much I can get done in a day.

WHEN YOU CLEAR THIS PROGRAM: Time seems to “expand.” You never seem to be squeezed for time. You focus in completely on what you’re doing in the moment—and your mind ceases to run away with thoughts of “I should really be getting on with so-and-so.” You find yourself getting more done and having more time to spare to relax and enjoy your- self. And you realize how much “time” you have is all in your mind.

LIMITING PROGRAM 7: I can’t do that.

WHEN YOU CLEAR THIS PROGRAM: You are not limited by what you have (or have not) been able to do in the past. You take every- thing as it comes and you put yourself into everything with the expectation you’ll succeed. When you completely clear this program you become unstoppable. Nothing fazes you. No opinion or negative remark pulls you down. In short, you become a winner in life, no matter what the outward “results” are.

Of course, there are many more programs (than those 7 listed above) that  are running your life.  And it’s not even necessary to identify individual programs to know you’ve got them restricting your success, abundance and happiness.

All you have to do to know you have limiting programs clogging-up your unconscious is to see how you feel.

What I mean is this:

Think of a time when you felt TRULY ALIVE in your life.

Maybe you haven’t felt that way in ages. Or perhaps you get to experience it regularly through a certain activity (like playing music, going to the gym, or sharing time with a loved one). Either way—now turn your attention to the “rest” of your life—the other areas where you DON’T feel totally alive.

Take a look at how you feel about your finances—like maybe when you get a bill or a tax notice. Take a look at how you feel about your job, or the colleagues you work with. Take a look at how you feel about where you live. Take a look at how you feel about your body—your appearance. Take a look at the times you feel anxious, lonely, depressed, stressed-out or just bored.

All those times when you feel even 1% less than TOTALLY ALIVE are “tell-tale signs” that you have limiting programs preventing you from feeling TOTALLY ALIVE no matter what.

So, the question then becomes:

What Is The FASTEST & Most EFFECTIVE Way To Release (Clear Away) ALL The Unconscious Programs Preventing You From ALWAYS Feeling  TOTALLY ALIVE & TOTALLY ABUNDANT?

Well, you could go out and buy lots of different courses or pay to see a number of different “mind experts” and after a few months to a few years (and a massive dent in your bank balance) you’ll probably find out that your life hasn’t changed significantly. And in all probability it will have probably have gotten worse. That’s what happens to most people who try and change their life by changing their mindset.

Which is a crying shame since they could be getting results like the people who put posts up on our Facebook Pages.

How come they have got such fabulous results in their life?  Simple: They have released their limiting unconscious programs with the most effective tool in the world:  The Release Technique.

If you want to clear away (release) all of your limiting unconscious programs in “one sitting” (saving yourself a ton of time and money in the long run) then you’ll find all your own reasons for ordering the Release Technique CD set.

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