Are you struggling with any kind of problem?

• Need help with a physical healing?

• Emotional healing?

• Financial problems?

• Relationship problems?

• Does the problem seem impossible to overcome or resolve?

• Does it seem like no solutions or people exist to help you and you need a miracle in your life?

You can have the solution. You can even have a miracle if you need one. And they both exist right inside of you.

Think of it this way: In the art world—when they use X-ray and infrared techniques to verify a painting’s authority—sometimes something unusual is discovered. Sometimes they discover there is a masterpiece BENEATH the existing painting.

Examples: The portrait of a woman was discovered beneath Van Gogh’s “Patch of Grass.” A Leonardo da Vinci sketch was hiding underneath his veneered “Virgin on the Rocks.” And an earlier Picasso painting lies hidden under his famous “Rue de Montmarte.” In each case, a masterpiece lay hidden beneath the “outer” painting.

This serves as a great analogy for us as human beings. Our “outer” circumstances (the problem) often conceals an “inner masterpiece” of a solution within you. Doesn’t matter what the particular problem is. And it doesn’t matter how impossible the problems seems to be. In every case, there lies hidden within us, a masterpiece of a solution. Unfortunately this masterpiece within us will not show up on an X-ray or an MRI scan. It only shows up when we RELEASE all the mental and emotional turmoil that blinds us to it.

When you RELEASE all the anguish, fear, shame, and worry, an infinite number of possibilities open up for you. Just as an infinite number of stars seem to appear in a clear night sky—possibilities that were hidden by the clouds of fear and apprehension present themselves. So, if you want to resolve any kind of problem in your life—just know RELEASING can resolve it for you—no matter how “impossible” the situation looks.

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