What goodies do you want in your life?  What wonderful, remarkable happenings would you like to see in your life?  Want a zillion gains?  Larry Crane has a zillion gains.  That’s right. A zillion.  Yes he does.  I’m sure of it.

Is someone saying…”A zillion’s not a real number.”  “There’s no such word as zillion.”  Yes there is. I looked it up.  “A zillion is a very large indefinite number,” says my app, WordWeb.  Am I pulling your leg?”  I am not.  I’m quite sure Larry Crane has a zillion remarkably wonderful happenings—called gains— in his possession.

Here’s proof.  Larry Crane has taught the Release Technique over 35 years, right?  When someone learns to release, they always have gains.  Gains are good things that happen; good things that pop into your life.  (In fact a lot of remarkably great stuff suddenly pops into your life.)

When somebody learns to release, that’s what happens.  Wonderful, charming, way-cool, magical things begin happening for a person.  People smile in your direction. You look around. Who are they smiling at? There’s no one there. They’re smiling at you!  When you release the world just comes your way.

I know Larry Crane has a zillion gains. How can I say that so boldly? Easy. Like I say, Larry has taught many thousands of people how to release.  Many, many, many thousands. And every single one of those thousands of people has gains. Lots of gains.  Hundreds of people report their gains to Larry every week.  Used to be, gains came to Larry by snail mail. Now it’s whoosh, and Larry gets the gains. A great many folks have a gain and want to share it with the world right away. They appreciate Lester, Larry, and the Release Technique. They quickly email their gains to Larry.

Many, many more folks have gains, and prefer, as is their right, to keep them to themselves.  Many Release Technique grads write down their gains in a journal.  I know people who fill-up journal books front and back of pages, cover to cover with their gains. No kidding. When gains begin for you, they just keep rolling in. It’s the law! Positive attracts positive.  That’s how I know Larry has a zillion gains.  If you’ve been releasing you know what I’m talking about.

What makes these remarkable gains happen?  Before releasing we’re a mental dump truck full of garbage. Our mind runs madly, a mile a second.  Unsettling feelings bombard us day and night. Sleep is restless. Mental junk clatters and chatters at us all night long. How can anything good sneak by all that crazy noise?  Then we learn to release.  Commotion starts to drop away. Racket begins to power down.  What bugged us like heck a minute ago is gone and long-forgotten.  And we go to a restaurant and somebody picks up our tab. It really is that simple.

I’ve heard people say, “I don’t get all those gains you’re talking about.” I inquire. “Do you release?”  They bow their head shyly and admit, “Not as much as I should.”  There you have it.  Like anything else. Put time into it. You get a lot out of it. You don’t put much time into it. You don’t get much out of it.

Some say, “I don’t have time to release.” Huh? C’mon.  Thoughts are blasting away at us all day long. Feelings rise up and crash down on us 24/7.   It’s almost like horror movie going on, isn’t it?   What do you do with all of that? As quick as you see it,  Release it. Yes, right then and there.  When you learn to release you have the skill and tools to drop all that noise, garbage, and junk right there on the spot.

How long does it take to release? It takes less time than it took me to type that last sentence. And it’s easier too. My wrists are tired-out from all this typing.  So that’s it.  Release all the time.  Release constantly.  You’re not sure what that means? It means when a thought or feeling pops into your awareness, let it go. Right that split second. Let it go. Instantly.  That simple.

It really is just that easy to release all the time. It really is that easy to get gains to add to the zillion Larry already has.  You don’t know how to release? Take a class.  The Release Technique offers many opportunities to learn to release. Go to www.releasetechnique.com and find out.

Do it now while you’re thinking about it. You know how to release but you aren’t getting the gains you hoped for? Go to a retreat. Get on the weekly conference call.  Your releasing needs some tuning-up.  It’s like any tool. Sometimes the tool gets dull and needs to be sharpened up.   Get yourself into the magical realm of gains. It’s a lot of fun.  Like Seuss said, “Oh the places you’ll go.” And hurry up about it. You’re missing out on the best part of your life. Get started right now. Make the call.  If you need sharpening up, do it. Get going. It’s your life.

Why not make it be the best it can be?  Remember when life was so good? It can be that way again.  Your gains are waiting there for you to pick them up. Go get them. Release and have all the remarkable wonderful happenings you deserve in your life. Have all the gains you can imagine and many more you could have never have imagined. Release. Don’t wait another minute. Get started.  Release all the time.  Release constantly and constantly have gains.  You too will have zillions of gains!