Do you have a “recurring” issue in your life – something you seem to go “round and round” with and get nowhere? Are you ready to turn it around once and for all? It’s easier than you think.

Chances are you have already been thinking about it plenty. But has your mind had an effective solution to offer? Of course not – if it did, you wouldn’t still have the problem!

The nature of the mind is limitation. That’s just what it does. We don’t need to hate it for it, just understand that the automatic aspect of the mind only records and plays back information. So, any answer that it doesn’t give you as quickly, clearly, and accurately as it gives you your middle name or your telephone number, it just doesn’t have.

Your dog probably digs for bones in the yard every chance he gets, right? That’s just what he does – he’s a dog. There’s nothing wrong with him – in fact, you would probably get the dog checked out if suddenly it wasn’t out digging in the yard.

But, you don’t go out there and join him – nor do you expect him to know how to fix your car. You wouldn’t get mad and hate your dog if he didn’t know how to fix your car, would you? Of course not, he’s a dog – he’s not expected to know how to fix your car.

So why go digging around in your mind for answers that it doesn’t have? And why get upset and beat yourself up or hate your mind when it fails to give you information that just flat out isn’t recorded in it?

If you try to pull up a document on your computer that you didn’t put on it in the first place, it would be silly to keep searching 9,000 times, wouldn’t it? It would also be silly to start practicing a bit of “percussive maintenance” on your computer, wouldn’t it? Beating it up not only doesn’t get you the file you’re looking for, you’re likely to need a whole new computer after trying that one a few times.

So why ask your mind 9,000 times for the same answer that it doesn’t have, then beat yourself up and beat up your mind for not giving you that answer that it just doesn’t have? It really doesn’t make sense when you stop and look at it clearly, does it?

However, when you release you move up into a higher energy. You’re able to see clearly and allow the answers to come to you.

When you release and see things clearly, you also see that disapproval and negativity get you nowhere. Well, they do get you somewhere – right down into trouble and more negativity. How could negativity bring you anything but more negativity? It makes sense when you consider it, doesn’t it? Positive gets you positive and negative gets you negative.

Most people have been in a habit of reacting to negativity with more negativity – even though it makes no sense. It is just an old habit. But, who does that habit belong to? The great news is this: since it belongs to you, you get to decide to drop it like a hot poker and turn your life around.

Practice looking for that habit of reacting to negativity with more negativity and drop it like a hot poker every time you see it. The more you release, the easier it is to release.

It really is that simple. Make a decision to be positive. Make a decision to be positive no matter what. Why do anything else?