How would it feel for you to have a sensational lifestyle? Well you’re reading this article, so it appears that there is some curiosity. First of all, in order for us to have a sensational lifestyle, we have to look at what excuses we are holding onto that are preventing us from having and enjoying a sensational lifestyle. If we aren’t currently experiencing sensational relationships, a youthful appearance, optimal health, an incredible level of income, or other sensational aspects of living, we are coming from lack. There are no impossibles. If we can think it, we can achieve it. Having a sensational lifestyle is possible and available to everyone. In order to succeed, we must hold in mind and decide that “Yes, I can achieve having a successful and sensational lifestyle!” If we feel deserving and worthy in having a sensational lifestyle, we will find a way to accomplish our goals. If the above statements caused you to move into a) figuring it out (ego’s way of shutting you down), b) wanting… (approval, control, or safety/security) or wanting to change something, you are missing the point. In order to have anything worthwhile, we need to give up the excuses. Excuses, our excuses, are the limitations that we have unknowingly created for ourselves because of feelings of unworthiness and failure, layered within feelings of Apathy, Grief, Fear, Lust, Anger and Pride.

Our excuses and our underlying feelings affect our ability to experience a sensational lifestyle because we think, ‘I can’t, because…!’ Every ‘I can’t’ thought is holding onto a limitation based in fear. Our ‘I can’t!’ thoughts create a vicious cycle of, “Because… Because… Because…” We really don’t have an answer. What we have is an excuse! A belief, based in fear, based on the premise of “because, what if…, might happen.” We foolishly justify ‘I can’t!’ and ‘Because’, and mistakenly settle into ‘not-having’ anything sensational because of either not wanting to do something or continuing to believe that we can’t. Settling on ‘not-having’ is the wrong decision. Notice the times when you have settled or given up on your goal(s) is simply due to fear or frustration.

Let go of protecting yourself with fear and let go of controlling the stuckness. Moving past limited thinking is making a decision to challenge the limiting thoughts and pessimistic beliefs. If you are experiencing, ‘yes-but’, you are again missing the point. Each ‘yes-but’ is really a No! ‘Yes-but’ is a cousin to the ‘I can’t’ and ‘I won’t’ family of negativity. These phrases are fear-factors that keep us limited because we are protecting ourselves with fear. The opposite of ‘yes-but’ is quite simply, “Yes!” Each time we get to a place of “Yes, I can…!” we have mastered some aspect of our ego. The minute we let go of fear, and release the wanting, and release any associated programs, we are immediately provided with an opportunity to move into having, being, and doing something sensational.

Let’s begin to practice right now, “Yes, I can have a sensational lifestyle! I can feel and look sensational at all times! I can have and enjoy everything related to sensational!” In order for us to have a sensational lifestyle, we need to decide that we are the master of what we can experience. Stop buying into the “Fight or Flight” mentality. Stop listening to negative and limited points of view from yourself and from others. Once we remove the negative limitations there is nothing preventing us from a living a positive and sensational life.

You’ll never know what you are capable of experiencing if you keep backing down to your fear. Decide to have a sensational lifestyle and begin to do things that support you in this goal. Waiting and hoping for things to change are no longer an option. A sensational lifestyle is the result of correcting your thinking, moving towards positive, and believing that you can.

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