When we aren’t getting our intentions or achieving our goals, we need to accept that there are limitations and excuses in the way.  At times when we aren’t achieving our goals isn’t meant for us to veer off course and assume the method doesn’t work.  What doesn’t work is moving into frustration, blame, disapproval or other negative emotions.  If we are consistently not achieving our goals, it’s for one reason only.  The reason is, we WANT the goal (the thing or experience) more than we want to take responsibility for our feelings.  Hopefully you can see that when we are wanting of anything, that Step no. 1 of the method is off.  In incorporating this step into our releasing sessions, we are actually making a commitment or declaration to ourselves to achieve our goal.  We are deciding to have imperturbability (freedom) MORE than we want the object of our desire.  If we want the goal – thing – experience more than we want freedom, we won’t be able to achieve the goal as the wanting (or lusting) is stronger than our being free to have or not have our desired result.  When we move into having, there is absolutely no wanting of anything.  By moving into the realm of having, we’ll notice there is also no AGFLAP, no wanting, nothing to change or figure anything out, and no resistance.

Anytime we have a clutch, it is an indication that we are holding onto some negativity. The clutch indicates that we may be trying to figure out what to do or that we are stuck.  If you are stuck, it’s an indication that you have given up on your goal or are in some way wanting control (wanting to change or figure out), wanting approval or wanting safety.  Blaming or avoiding achievement of your goal, is allowing your ego to move you away from a positive result.  By doing the “Pride, Past or Relationship” exercises will help you to work towards resolving the matter in a loving way.  Please be honest with yourself and notice if there is a strong fear or resistance in achieving the goal.  The fear or resistance is an illusion suggesting that perhaps we can’t or shouldn’t achieve the goal.  All of these issues are obstacles blocking or preventing us from achieving our goals.  In truth, it’s not that we can’t have our goals, or that we shouldn’t achieve our goals, we are allowing our fear to decide for us.  Anytime the fear is greater, it is simply because we are in AGFLAP.  If we are in AGFLAP, please be reminded that there is no releasing going on, which results in our moving even further away from achieving our goal(s).

Doubt, worry, concern, fear, or lack aren’t capable of helping us to achieve our goals.  If we have a doubt about being successful or doubt that we can achieve our goals, guess what we are creating.  We have to be willing to “show up” and have a really strong intention that we are going to achieve our goals – no matter what.  We have to decide to be in courageousness, acceptance and peace in order to be able to keep moving past the limitations.  By continuing to show up and by keep chipping away at the subconscious levels of fear and resistance, we are helping the hidden limitations become less embedded within our subconscious minds.  When we give up on our goals, and settle in not having or not achieving the goal, we are conditioning ourselves to believe that that settling or quitting is safer.  We are also mistakenly deciding and also reinforcing that there is nothing we can do.  Releasing is what we can do to change the outcome of achieving our goals.  Running away or avoiding achieving goals is allowing the fear to intimidate us.  Our feelings are based on our past decisions and can only leave if we give them permission to come up.  Feelings remain in place, in relation to things we are holding onto, because we are avoiding taking responsibility for what we have created for ourselves.  This is showing us that we when we have blocks in the way, we won’t be able to achieve our goals.  Our attachments and aversions are also showing us that we are ‘hanging onto the problem’ instead of releasing the underlying resistance.  Larry Crane has asked, “Can you put a feeling in your pocket?”  This is a good point.  Is it possible to put a feeling anywhere?  Can we pick up apathy or other emotion like a bag of groceries?  Clearly we see that isn’t possible.  In choosing to face our fears, resistance, and associated wanting, helps us to clear a path of achieving our goals.  All feelings want to leave.  By resisting, we are only making things unnecessarily more difficult for ourselves.  We are also denying achievement of our goals, which is silly.  Lester Levenson and Larry Crane suggest that we use our goals as a means of cornering our resistance, and remove our “I can’t!  Or, I won’t!” thoughts of limitation.  Some of these limitations are very deeply rooted within our subconscious minds and require a really strong dedication and commitment in knocking out the entire matter.  By incorporating the Six Steps and by strengthening our intention to release in order to achieve our goals, helps move us towards the resistance and becoming more positive.  In bringing goals to completion, in either having or not having the object or outcome that you would like to have, is allowing you to prove to yourself that there are no limitations except what you are holding in mind.

By continuing to knock out your perceived limitations, you are helping yourself also to have higher levels of energy, more positive outcomes, and a better and healthier self-esteem.  Decide to achieve all of your goals!  Decide you aren’t stopping until you get all of the goodness that is available to you.  Decide that you want imperturbability, more than you want approval, control or safety.  Decide to keep going and releasing!  In doing so, you are uncovering more of your true self which is all loving, positive, and peaceful.  Each time we achieve a goal we are also making it easier to accomplish achievement of other goals.