When someone tells us our sickness, our pain, our health problem, is not real, the mind goes into anger, it is protecting itself with anger. Therefore, when we are angry we are not open to seeing that a health problem, sickness, pain, is an apparency we have created in our mind and we can undo it.frustration_01

If you were healthy you probably would have nothing to talk about.

A recent cartoon in the New Yorker magazine showed a man sitting on a doctor’s examination table and the doctor saying to the man, “I can cure your back problem, but there’s a risk that you’ll be left with nothing to talk about.”

Imagine never having anything to talk about. Does that bring up a clutching, a contraction in your stomach or chest?

If you have the apparency of a health problem, look at it. What ego desire is behind holding on to the health problem? Is it because we get attention? Is it because we get time off? Is it because we don’t have to work? Is it because we get out of doing something we do not like, such as a job we hate? Is it because we get sympathy? Is it because we get treated nice by doctors and nurses when the rest of the world seems to treat us not so nice? Is it because we get to feel bad and do, woe is me? Is it because we get a sense of approval from taking all those drugs advertised on TV? Is it because being sick gives us something to talk about?

What is the ego desire behind being sick?

Some may have had anger roar-up in the first sentence of the last paragraph, “the ‘apparency’ of a health problem.” The mind might have yelled, apparency my patootie. My sickness, my pain is real! Did the mind say that? Well, for the mind it is true, the mind has that picture and thinks it is real. We who have been releasing awhile see that we are not that mind, we are not that body. That mind, our mind, is a collection of thoughts and feelings. We are not those thoughts and feelings, we are not that mind. We are not that body, we are not that pain. We see, all we are experiencing, is an apparency, a picture out there that we have created, that we have created in our mind. Seeing that, we know we can change the picture. If we take responsibility for the picture, we created it, we know we can change it.

If we feel that we get some ego gratification from being sick or being in pain, if it gives us something to talk about, we are less likely to take the steps to change the situation. We hold onto it because subconsciously we think it does something for us. Subconsciously, we have the feeling it somehow helps us. Some of us may be denying the truth of this right now and it is because the mind is protecting itself with fear, the fear of being undone.

Once we are able to see what is going on, once we see we have created our health issue, we can then make a decision and change it, we can eliminate it. Once we see what our mind is doing to our lives, we can make a decision to undo the mind, to let it go, to no longer be run by it. Of course, being free beings, we can also decide to keep our pain and suffering. It is just a decision.

So, the answer is simple, really.

The answer is to examine our thinking. The answer is to look for the ego wants, the ego desires behind our pain, our sickness, and begin to let go of the those ego desires all of which culminate in wanting approval, wanting control or wanting to be safe. Our mind works like a computer. All we have to do is press the button that says, show me the ego desires about my pain and sickness and the mind will start spewing out the information.

Sometimes when we put information in a computer, we forget where we put it or what the password is. So, we put in all the passwords we can think of and finally we hit on the one we originally used and the information comes up. Same with our computer called our mind. If the information does not readily come up, we just have to ask the question a couple of different ways. What is this pain, this sickness doing for me? Why do I like this pain, this sickness? What do I get out of this health problem?

We hit the button and up comes the information. For each byte of information, we see it as wanting approval, wanting control or wanting to be safe. See it immediately and immediately let go of wanting approval, wanting control and wanting to be safe. We do this and we begin to drop lifetimes of garbage. We do it continually and we can drop all the garbage that we have ever accumulated, this lifetime.

Once we have discovered the ego desires behind our health issue or pain and begin to let them go, it is a step in the direction of getting rid of the whole thing.

When we do not like something, we are holding onto it with disapproval. We are holding onto it with non-love feelings called disapproval. If we do not like our pain and suffering, our sickness, and want to get rid of it, we are stuck with it. Our disapproval of the thing we do not like holds it very firmly in place coupled with our wanting which is the opposite energy of having. So, we don’t like it and want to get rid of it, we are telling our mind to hold onto it.

Our body can heal itself right now if we get our mind out of the way. chains

It is the mind that holds onto all these beliefs that we have this or that trouble or problem. It is our mind that holds onto the garbage called diagnoses and prognoses and whatever the medical community says to us. It is the mind that holds onto the pain, the sickness. We get all of that garbage out, we get our mind out of the way, by letting go of disapproval and sending approval, our body will heal itself just fine. It knows how. Perfect health is our original natural state before we covered it up with all these non love feelings.

The answer is simple, let go of the non love feelings. Keep letting them go and discover the all loving, all happy, all abundant being that you have always been and that you are right this second no matter what the mind is telling you.

Apply the Release Technique tools. Decide. Make it your intention to release all the time.

Do it and you will see there never was a real problem. The problem is the negativity, the non love feelings, the garbage. Use your tools and be happy all the time!