Over the past few years Larry Crane and staff have done an AMAZING job of identifying what was preventing folks from consistently getting their goals.  Through releasing and observing what might be some of the concerns, he identified a few important steps that weren’t being consistently applied.  He recognized that The Six Steps of the method as designed by Lester Levenson needed to be applied consistently in order for folks to have reliable results.  By including the 6-steps in a more formalized process, releasers of all levels of experience are now demonstrating an improved ability to consistently get their goals.  Regardless of how long someone has been releasing, by refocusing and including The Six Steps allows for greater clarity and more impressive results.  Folks releasing in the newly formatted teleconferences and live courses are learning to release faster and easier.  Larry and the staff are consistently helping everyone get their goals easily by teaching folks to hold in mind what they would really like to achieve, have, be, or experience.

For those folks that have participated in recent courses, they have rediscovered that by releasing and consistently applying the 6-Steps allows for even greater returns.  Gains being given verbally or as written testimonials are expressing more significant results.  People are moving further, faster, and releasing to achieve a positive resolution.  Larry Crane’s determination to help make releasing more FUN and more enjoyable is really proving to be very successful.  People throughout the world are participating like never before.  This new way of teaching is also helping participants be able to easily face issues related to attachment or aversion, AGFLAP, or frustration without getting caught up in past stories.  Taking responsibility in this manner also makes releasing less complicated and more straightforward.  Other processes that were also improved involve letting go of fear, resistance and wanting.  There is also more emphasis on identifying and releasing the figuring-it-out habit. Quite a bit of emphasis regarding these areas is now included in EVERY class.  Folks are better able to recognize their own beliefs related to “I can’t or I won’t,” and simply by seeing their thoughts as a limitation folks are now better able to release more directly.  Never before have we had so many people showing up and really applying themselves.  Other techniques that are also being used include the Lesterizing goal processes as taught in the “live” retreats.  Everyone is developing improved releasing skills, more momentum, and enjoyment in having greater results.

Folks that have participated in courses such as Change Your Life and Love Yourself and Let the World Have it Your Way, as well as those that have taken advanced courses such the Weight Loss, Health and Fitness Mastery course, 30-Day Financial Freedom Lifestyle course, and the 90-Day Quiet Your Mind courses are accomplishing much more by being able to release from the comfort of their homes.  Releasing in this manner allows for all people to really show up.  There is a greater level of participation and the classes seem to be really focusing on everyone having abundance in all areas of their life.

Larry’s utilizing of the Maestro system is superb as this system is really helping course participants be able to participate in gaining a better understanding by offering both group and partner exercises. The calls are very interactive.  If necessary someone may work in a private session with an instructor.  The replay links allow folks to go back and review lessons in their own timeframes and work further on specific lessons or issues related to topics they may be working on.  By having the ability to replay lessons at no extra charge also allows for better understanding.  Folks also have the option of utilizing the Support Line (Monday-Friday) if they are stuck.  The level of accountability and willingness for everyone to achieve at greater levels of abundance is certainly very apparent.  Folks are determined to get their goals.  More and more people are sharing gains and asking for assistance.

If you haven’t participated in any courses recently, now might be the right time for you to review the list of upcoming courses.  Take a moment and see if there is some area in your life that would benefit by if you were to consider (reconsider) participating in an upcoming class.  Each time we release we experience a happier, lighter feeling. Each time we achieve our goals we are more inspired to keep going.  Having improved tools and class offerings just makes releasing more fun and worthwhile.  For more information about workshops, retreats or special promotions, please review our link at:  https://www.releasetechnique.com/live-classes/ .  Everyone is welcome to join in on the Change Your Life course.  Or perhaps you, family or friends might like to join us at the all-new holiday retreat located at Paradise Point!  This is our first time attending this location and the children’s course is FREE!