There are many sides to the issue of credit.  This can be a huge concern for some, as the ego has a tendency to want to take credit for everything and then moves us into feeling guilty.  This cycle is known as the “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” syndrome.  If we are avoiding accepting credit it is an indication that we aren’t confident in our abilities.  Some may interpret that by accepting credit that it is an indication that something is owed.  And yet when we discard or reject receiving recognition for a job well-done, it’s only because we are in fear and the realm of pride.  We are also disapproving.  If you are acting in these manners, you can be certain that you are also pushing away other forms of abundance.  If on some level we think we aren’t worthy or deserving of receiving credit, that unworthiness actually governs every aspect of our life.  The lack that you are creating will also extend itself into other areas of your life.  As a reminder, “How we do anything, is how we do everything.”  If we push small things of goodness away from us, you can be certain that we are also pushing away larger amounts of abundance.

Perhaps you’ve noticed or experienced that it is uncomfortable in receiving a compliment.   Maybe you respond hesitantly, offer excuses, give a half-smile, or perhaps just walk away.  If someone offers you a compliment, for any reason, respond graciously by saying, “Thank you!”  Then take a moment and include the fact that you received a well-deserved compliment as a gain.  Gains are anything that is positive.  Gains occur, again and again, because when we focus on goodness, and on being positive, we are capable of accepting and receiving more positive occurrences.  When someone compliments us, it is only a reflection of how we feel about our Self.  Being successful and receiving credit for job well-done is not the problem.  The problem is listening to an out-of-control ego.  Our ego reminds us of all the times we failed.  This fear keeps us limited and keeps us from reaching out or moving beyond the limitation.  The fear is directly related to our being successful.  In this instance, the fear is related to receiving and accepting credit or recognition.  Our fear tells us, “If we accept credit (a compliment or recognition) that something bad may happen.”  Accepting positive recognition helps us to learn that we can receive goodness on multiple levels.  Acceptance is a necessary component in having an abundant life.  If we can’t accept a simple compliment, more often than not, we wind up feeling disappointed because we are living a life based on extreme limitations. We are living our lives based on the premise of “I can’t!”  The only thing stopping us from being successful is the “I can’t” thoughts lurking around in our subconscious mind.  These “I can’t thoughts are what is preventing you from being happy.   The other side of this reality is in giving credit to others.  This issue of giving credit to another may have a self-fulfilling purpose if we think we’ll get something.  First of all, when we share a compliment or offer recognition to someone, it shouldn’t be because we have expectations of benefitting in some self-fulfilling manner.  Our wanting something, anything, is a non-loving act.  If you see that you want something from another person, immediately see this and begin to look for your ego motivation.  See this and let go of the wanting and the associated AGFLAP.  When we give credit or recognition to others, we are giving to our Self.  When we extend honest recognition towards another, it is simply because we are secure in our Self.  We are taking a moment to recognize another person’s efforts as being worthy of praise.  How we see the world, is how we see ourself!  When we acknowledge others for doing a good job, we are noticing goodness.  We are noticing positive. When we share a compliment with our spouse, children, or even with colleagues, allows us, and everyone involved to feel good.  Words of encouragement when offered in a loving and supportive manner, without expectation of anything, is extending credit is a tremendous way.  Accepting a compliment is easy.  Well-done!  Good job!  Excellent!  Magnificent!  Keep up the good work… When we examine our thinking about an issue such as taking credit, giving credit, or receiving credit, we are correcting our non-loving thoughts in these areas.  We see that the only things in the way of accepting or receiving credit are the self-imposed limitations that we previously created.  We are in truth the gifter of everything that happens to us.  We are responsible for the recognition and good things we receive.  In addition, we are also responsible for creating situations of being passed over and ignored.  Giving our Self and others a pat-on-the-back for doing a good job is a wonderful and positive acknowledgement of self-assurance.

As we become self-sufficient and more confident in our own abilities, everything gets better.  A step towards positive is most definitely a step in the right direction.  Our energy naturally moves upwards.., things become easier…, and life becomes more joyful as the result of using the Release® Technique method.  In learning this process, we actually begin to experience more and more situations that once felt awkward are now less uncomfortable.  We quickly find out that we can overcome feelings of guilt, fear, procrastination and other self-defeating habits.  We are all deserving of having an abundant life.  Please join us at an upcoming workshop or retreat.  Give yourself a well-deserved opportunity to increase your momentum and receive higher levels of abundance.  Accept credit for the good things you are creating.  Keep up the good work!