Lester told us to make our behavior like that of a Master. Are you doing that? If not, jump on that “I can’t” bug right now. Don’t smash it. Just let it go. Let go of believing it’s impossible to make your behavior like that of a Master. Does it sound too hard to make your behavior like that of a Master? Let that one go too.

I can’t. It’s hard. I don’t know how. It takes a long time. All of those are decisions you put in a long, long time ago. Track back, and track back some more, and track back to the very second in your young life when you made those decisions. You will see that those decisions, those convictions, those limitations are nothing more than uninformed decisions you made. You see that they are not true, just your decision.  See that, and let those decisions go. Replace them with new and better decisions, decisions that help you. You can make your behavior like that of a Master.

For one thing, you are a Master right now pretending that you are not. You know what? It’s just as easy to pretend you are a Master, as to pretend you are not. We put in this belief. We decided that we are this limited mind/ego body. Once we decided, we reinforced it by acting that way. Yes, we act, like a performer on stage or in a movie. We decide and we act it out—we pretend that’s what we are. Practice pretending that you are an unlimited Master, right now. It’s as effortless as pretending you are not a Master, as you have been doing since you made that decision long ago.

The Release Technique gives us all the tools to be the Master that we really are, always have been and always will be. The main tool is releasing. Each time you release you let go of a piece of limitation. You release and let go of the accumulated limitation and you see, I am an unlimited being. I am a Master.

Yes you are, no matter what that noise maker, trouble maker mind may be saying to you right now.

The Six Steps give you the Road map. Maybe you can recite them from memory right now. If not, go to your Abundance Course workbook and look them up. Make copies of the Six Steps. Put them up everywhere so you see them all the time. Soon enough they become second nature to you. The Abundance Course, audio or weekend class, is the starting point to seeing your Mastership. You begin to knock out all the thoughts contrary to the thought, I am a Master. All thoughts to the contrary of, I Am.

Look and see what it is for you. What is stopping you from making your behavior like that of a Master? Is it that your goals elude you? The brand spanking new Goals and Resistance Course is there for you to show you how to get your goals. (If you have the older version you can get the new Goals and Resistance Course for half price).

Is it that you live insecure? You’re not sure where your life is headed? You don’t quite see how your life is going to turn out? Then get the What Do You Want to Do When You Grow Up Course. Have you seen that you have many, many programs mucking up your mental computer causing it to malfunction? Then get the Programs course. The Programs course shows you how to unlock the suppression chamber and download those mental viruses so you can delete them and live free of that garbage. Is your health preventing you from feeling that you are a Master? Do you feel like your body is running you? Do you feel like your body controls you? Get the Health and Fitness Mastery Course and attend the live Health and Fitness Mastery Course teleconference coming up soon. Find out that you are the master of your body. Find out that you are in control.

Do dysfunctional relationships prevent you from feeling and seeing your Mastership? The Relationships Course will show you how to solve that. You can experience love in relationships. You can experience the magical power of love. The Release Technique offers a recorded program called Love Yourself, and a two CD audio recording set of Lester speaking on love. A book is available where Lester tells you about love. And there is the new Love Yourself and Let the Other Person Have it Your Way book. You can know love. You can be a Master of Love.

Do you find yourself rushing around like a crazy person, never on time but always stressed out? Then you haven’t done the Time Management Course. A Master controls time. If you’re run by time, if time controls you, do the Time Management Course. You can be a Master of time.

There exists an array of audio CD recordings on the subjects that might be clouding your vision from seeing your Mastership. There are guided audio releasing CD’s on Ridding Yourself of Fear and Worry, Anger and Frustration to name just two.

There are several audio programs. For example, there is one to show you how to do the Butt System—to sit on your butt and get your goals. There’s another on how be Positive All The Time. There’s even a CD audio program on Sex, if that’s something that prevents you from seeing you are a Master.

You are a Master. All you have to do is let go of thinking you are not. The Life Mastery Boot Camp is coming up soon. The Life Mastery Boot Camp reveals to you your Mastership. If you feel you are anything less than a Master you solve that by attending the Life Mastery Boot Camp. Use the Retreats, the weekend Abundance Courses, the advanced courses and all the other materials to zero in on your blocks to realizing your Mastership.

Get and keep Momentum. Practice Releasing constantly. Follow the Six Steps. Your Mastership is up to you. You decided sometime long ago that you are a limited person. See that faulty decision and let it go.

Make your behavior like that of a Master. You can do it. Use your Release Technique tools. –Decide right now to make your behavior like that of the Master that you are right now.

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