Acceptance that you deserve to live your life from the awakened Consciousness of total bliss with no sorrow.

And the giving yourself permission to experience the continual state of bliss with no sorrow in this lifetime.

Acceptance and permission and “It” is yours. Where “It” is the Ultimate State where there are no impossibles. There are no limitations. And you can create any life experience you want for the mere thought of it. It’s all about coming to the full completion of your divine right to Effortless Beingness.

When you live your life from the Ultimate State of Effortless Beingness (like Lester Levenson did) your life will become like riding the Universal wave. The Universal wave will naturally move you into the positions, the opportunities and the relationships that will fulfill your hearts desires.

The Universal wave will also “tide back to you” events, circumstances and gains that will appear at just the right time and in the most perfect way possible for your soulful completion. What’s more… You’ll feel the direct experience of the Universal wave rise up and flow through your body as “waves of bliss” atop an “ocean bed” of delectable stillness of peace.

Once you reach that Ultimate state (the state of Effortless Beingness) nothing and no one can harm you. All problems fall away. Life flows smoothly. Effortlessly. In the most perfect and brilliant way imaginable. Part of you already understands completely. That part of you is your inner Beingness recognizing a description of itself in words. Your inner Beingness has called forth these words.

It’s the reason why you are here, now, reading them. Your inner Beingness has brought you here to this moment. Prompting you to accept it fully and give yourself permission to let it guide you fully into the

Ultimate state of bliss, freedom and untouchable peace at all times. So you now stand on the threshold. You can ignore your inner Beingness. You can shut it down. Turn your back on it and return to life as you’ve always tolerated it—with the same problems, annoyances, upsets, and agitations. That’s called “incomplete living.”

Alternatively… You can embrace the wisdom of your inner Beingness. You can allow it to protect you. To guide your Higher Self and lead you into the ONE THING that will take you all the way to total peace and joyfulness in every moment of each day. That ONE THING is…Releasing!