Most of us think we are saying “Yes” to abundance when, in fact, we are stuck in resistance and wanting, which always equals a resounding “No” to our subconscious.

How then are we to expect abundance if we are constantly pushing it away unconsciously? We can’t reasonably expect it—because we haven’t allowed it in. We’ve basically slammed the door in its face. How much effort does it take for you to allow yourself to have, be or do something? Answer: It doesn’t take any effort at all. And yet, that is the only way we ever got anything in life. We allowed it to come into our experience. Unfortunately, we often put ourselves through a lot of painful contortions (effort) prior to simply allowing ourselves to have it!
Sound familiar?

The problem most of us have is we often never get to “Yes.” We are forever trying to figure out “how to get rid of” all the “No’s.” Getting to Yes within ourselves is a lot like sales. When it comes to “selling” ourselves on a goal, it is the same way we would sell an idea, product or service to someone else. We’d simply listen to any objections—all the “No’s”—and knock them out one by one.

The difference, though, is with “selling” ourselves. All we need to do is release the objecting feelings that crop up within. Those inner objections take the form of a “no” or a “maybe.” Every “maybe” is actually a “no” in disguise.

We should be our easiest sale because we already know our own objections! But, we never knock them out. We stay stuck in the “no’s” and never get to the “yes.”calm_031
Right now, take a look. What is something you really WANT? Write it down. Have you been trying to figure out what to do about it or how to get it? Most likely you have. That’s why it is still a want and not a have. Trying to figure out how to solve a problem or achieve a goal has never helped a single person in the entire history of our planet to solve a problem or achieve a goal. The only way we ever got the answer to any problem was when we finally “let go” and stopped “trying to figure out what to do about it,” and then the solution came to us. This is much like how we forget a person’s name, struggle for a few minutes to remember it, then let go of trying to figure it out and it pops into our head a few minutes or seconds later.

Same exact principle. You got it because you let go of “wanting” it.

So, now… do you still WANT that thing you mentioned above or are you willing to LET GO, say “YES!” and finally HAVE IT? There are no “Yes, maybes,” or “Yes, buts.” There is only “Yes!” That is the only answer that will work.

It doesn’t even have to be an emphatic YES! It can just be a very simple “yes” which is nice, calm and clear. No energy required. Just a solid, “yes” with no “no’s” or “maybes” hanging around muddling up your “yes.”

If you can’t quite give a clear “yes” to the goal you wrote down, the following exercise will help you get to that “yes.”

The law of creation is simple. What we think about is what we get. Once you clear the resistance to having and to not having, you are free to focus all of your attention on having and then it must come to you.

A good final check would be to ask yourself, “Could I say ‘yes’ 100% to having this goal?” and, “Could I say ‘yes’ 100% to NOT having this goal?” If you’re okay on both sides, then that’s it. Just hold the feeling of having the goal and it will show up. That’s all there is to the art of manifesting all your dreams and desires in life, and to healing whatever needs healing, including a sick body or pocketbook.

Ultimately, there’s only ONE step… Just say “YES!” to everything you have been wanting in life, and let go of the “no’s” and the “maybes” and you’ll have it!

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