Lester Levenson is an American Master who was aware of his total freedom and a Realized person.

Every word that has been saved for us is an incredible jewel of wisdom that is easy to understand and powerfully touches us deep within our Being.

Lester is very direct and succinct in his explanations of the path to happiness.

No matter how many times I hear or read his words, my clarity and understanding are enhanced. It is very refreshing to be exposed to an American explaining the process of enlightenment in the language that we use today.

For decades I have read many works by other Masters and struggled to understand arcane analogies and esoteric descriptions that I found only vaguely helpful. The cultural gap and language barriers often impeded my comprehension.

It was also difficult for me to apply their ideas to my life and path.

Lester’s beautiful descriptions and explanations are very concrete and useable. He provides the framework for realization in a succinct direct style.

He encourages us with his precise yardsticks for measuring progress so that we can discern our direction and have roadmaps as a guide. It is a tremendous bonus that since releasing and reading Lester I now understand the works of other Masters as well.

Lester’s style of sharing is based upon his ‘KISS’ premise. He stated it as “Keep It Simple Sweetheart.” He said that truth is really simple and when we try to complicate it we stray from what is.

Lester’s humor and joyfulness are playfully reflected in his words as well.