Sometimes money seems to be a problem.

It can seem like you don’t have enough.

Or there are too many bills to pay.

Or that your financial situation is going in the wrong direction.

In each case it often causes stress. And worry. And anxiety.

And all those other thoughts of “Oh, no, what am I going to do?”, “How will I cope?”, I can’t see how I’m going to get through this one this time!”.

And so on.

But let’s look closer:

Is money—or more specifically lack of money—REALLY the problem?

What if lack of money (and the uncomfortable feelings it brings up) is REALLY a great opportunity for you to release and become more imperturbable?

That’s what Sarah found out—here’s her insightful story:

“Prior to learning how to release, I took a monthly business coaching course. No matter how hard I worked, I did not get results! The “coach” was focused on the mind and the program was completely intellectual. Every month it was a struggle to pay for the “coaching”. Then my hours at work got cut and I had to stop paying, just so I could cover my necessities.

Then, I discovered releasing!!! I released on the whole situation. Instead of the coach turning my debt of thousands into a collection agency, she let me out of my contract and let me settle everything for just $330.

Now that I am releasing, life is so much better:) It is the only thing I want to use for my goals. I will never again waste my time on other stuff that just doesn’t work! Best investment I have ever made. Life keeps getting better. Thank you!!!”

~Enthusiastically, Sarah Sheppard

As you can see, Sarah used her lack of money situation and the fears and concerns that it brought up to Release and allow Beingness to create circumstances where everything worked itself out A-okay.

You can do the same.

Whenever you feel lacking in money (or in any other area of your life) you can see it as a great opportunity to release and allow it to work itself out BETTER than you could have imagined.

Releasing “opens the door” to allow Beingness to take care of you in the best way pos­sible.

So—to experience the compassionate power of Beingness taking care of your life in all the best ways possible—just keep releasing on all thoughts and feelings of lack.

And the best way to stay on course with your releasing is through a live program like the Change Your Life course.

If you participate in the Change Your Life course, you too will get to experience how Beingness “steps in” and take care of your life in the most perfect ways possible.

But for Beingness to “step in” to your life—you do have to “step up” and commit to periods of regular and consistent releasing.

Fortunately, regular and consistent releasing can be a lot of FUN (not to mention life changing!).