Here is an invitation to look at dissatisfaction within areas of your life.  By looking at things we are dissatisfied with offers us an opportunity to begin to improve these areas by moving out of our comfort zones.  Dissatisfaction is something we have experienced throughout our lives.  Being dissatisfied is an apathetic feeling that keeps us stuck and hinders our ability in choosing to make better choices.  We feel stuck with unfortunate circumstances.  There is a feeling of hopelessness.  If something seems hopeless, it’s because that’s what we decided.  Our dissatisfaction suggests that there is nothing we can do to improve these situations.  If you are dissatisfied with an area of your life, make a decision that it’s time to move past this limitation.  The limitations are affecting your sense of well-being.  Often we don’t fully see how we are participating in our lives; nor do we see our level of participation in our being dissatisfied.  We may think, the challenges we are experiencing just happened. Anything that causes us to feel uncomfortable or results in feelings of dissatisfaction is showing us we aren’t satisfied with who we are and what we are experiencing.  By releasing the limitations, we can easily move past being dissatisfied.

Unpleasant experiences are wonderful stepping stones in overcoming the obstacles we created for ourselves.  Decisions made in judgment about ourself are what are causing us to feel dissatisfied.  In order for us to change an area of our life, we need to first admit that we can do something about the situation.  The way to do this is simply to make a decision to be done with being dissatisfied.  Once we decide it’s time to make a change, we can stop the cycle of being dissatisfied.  Each time we take a positive step out of our comfort zones, we are improving the quality of our lives.  In order to move forward we have to step into the courageousness – acceptance – and peace zones.  The possibilities of moving out of dissatisfaction are literally infinite once we make the decision.  First of all, anytime we invest in our Self, we are taking responsibility for the circumstances that we are currently experiencing.  By accepting we can make changes to improve our life is showing us the way out of misery and suffering.  Let’s face reality; no one outside of you can enhance the quality of your life.  You are the only one that can do something to help your Self.  Each time you invest in yourself you are gifting yourself with better self-esteem.  And, the return in having better self-esteem is far better than anything you might have imagined.  Active participation in your life is a necessary ingredient for you to be satisfied.  Your interaction or avoidance of interacting with others has a lot to do with your self-esteem.  In making the decision to do something different, is taking a tremendous step forward.  Each time you step forward, you are giving up some level of dissatisfaction.  Each step, no matter how big or small, allows you to move ahead and triumph over your dissatisfaction.  Dissatisfaction is a feeling.  We are holding onto feelings that are creating circumstances otherwise known as aversions.  As we begin moving forward, we begin to experience deeper levels of being satisfied.  Remember, how you do anything, is how you do everything!  Each positive choice that we make supports us in being empowered to make more positive choices.

When we look at the areas of our life that cause us to feel unsatisfied, we have a chance to imagine the situation being as we would it to be.  Let’s use the example of changing jobs as this is a common area of dissatisfaction for some folks.  Each time we think we can, we can!  By looking at the simple things we can do, we begin to feel that it’s possible to take baby-steps towards our goal.  Simple things include updating our resume, enhancing our skills by including our positive accomplishments, and networking.  Perhaps another common area of dissatisfaction is the issue of being overweight.  Ok, what simple things can we do to work towards accomplishing our weight loss goals?  We can stop complaining about our weight.  We can make changes in portion sizes and choose to eat healthier foods.  The only things stopping us from letting go of dissatisfaction is our limiting excuses and beliefs that say “we can’t.”  Limited choices create limited results.  And if we think we can’t, we can’t.  Each time we think “I can’t” we get to be right.  The result of thinking “I can’t,” is holding on to the dissatisfaction and continuing to remain stuck in a web of negativity.  In order to have a better job experience, we need to see accept that it’s possible.  If we think no one will hire us or that we aren’t qualified for a particular job, we get to be right.  If we think our weight will never change, we get to be right about that too.  In both scenarios, we got to be right based on what we’ve decided.

In letting go of dissatisfaction, we get to experience satisfaction.  The simplest thing we can do to move past dissatisfaction is to give ourselves permission to learn the Release® Technique method.  In using this method, we are challenging our dissatisfaction, fears, and sabotaging beliefs.  Learn how to eliminate dissatisfaction from all areas of your life quickly and easily.  Dissatisfaction is playing a game and expecting to lose.  Releasing is playing a winning game that is showing us how to be satisfied in being our Self!  The gift of satisfaction is the best reward you can ever give to yourself.  Releasing shows us how to undo the dissatisfaction.  Invest in yourself!