1. Fear and anxiety destroy our health. Most diseases and illnesses, including heart attacks and strokes, are very often stress-related. Anxiety, fear and worry destroy the body very rap- idly from the inside out. If you have health problems, look for the suppressed fear and begin transforming it into love/approval with the Release Technique.

2. Fear and worry are devastating to our financial health and abundance. If we are plagued with fear, we fail to see opportunities presented to us or run from them when they arrive. We also tend to make poor decisions that adversely affect our abundance. Look at the chart in your Abundance Course workbook on page 11. Notice the word Abundance doesn’t show up until you have reached “Acceptance,” which is well above fear.

3. Anxiety and fear eliminate our ability to discriminate. We have ZERO discrimination when we are wrapped up in our emotions. It is as if we are on autopilot.

Instead of seeing situations as they are, our feelings  have us  seeing  only  our  mental out-picturing, based on our feelings. This is like wearing rose-colored glasses and being convinced the world is pink. As an example, if we feel afraid, we might be convinced someone is out to get us even if they are not. We will then tend to strike out in fear, or cower within ourselves, even if there is no actual threat.

4. Fear makes us far less resourceful. When we are stuck in fear, we are so focused in on the problem we will usually miss the solution sitting right in front of our nose.  Like a rabbit staring a viper in the eye, we become mesmerized with fear, paralyzed to move, until it’s too late. If we were free from fear and able to respond instead of react, we’d immediately realize we could easily move away from the danger.

5. Fear makes happiness impossible. Fear and happiness cannot coexist. They are opposites. Try “loving your fear” sometime. The fear will dissolve.

6. Fear and anxiety sabotage our success.

To be successful at anything, we need a PMA (positive mental attitude). Without this, we are only fearfully crawling along toward our goals—or stopped from making any progress at all. This is like trying to drive your car with the brake on. Why not take your foot off the brake by Releasing the fear first?

7. Fear tends to pull in on us exactly that which we fear the most. As Lester would say, “Fear it—appear it.” If you are afraid that something negative is going to happen to you, it is best to pull up that fear and re- lease it on-the-spot, before it actually does happen to you.


One way to eliminate fear may at first seem a little silly, but it is very effective.

Let go of “wanting bad things to happen.”

The next time you are afraid of something bad happening, think about what you are afraid of and ask yourself, “Could I let go of wanting that to happen?”

Of course consciously you wouldn’t want something bad to happen to you, yet if you are afraid something bad is going to happen, you are subconsciously focused on it, revealing that you DO want it to happen … even if just to get it over with. And, by subconsciously focusing on it, you will eventually pull it in on yourself. Like a hot coal, drop it before it burns you.

Try it now. Think of something you are afraid of will happen.

Feel the fear, and then ask yourself, “Could I

let go of wanting that to happen? ”

Notice that the fear is less or gone completely. If it is not gone completely, pull up any remaining fear and ask yourself the question again until it is gone. This is a wonderful short- cut to releasing fear and anxiety on-the-spot.

Welcome The Fear

Another way to release fear is to let go of resisting it or fighting with it. Instead of fighting with it, practice “welcoming” the fear.

Right now, invite up some fear and allow it to be felt within as energy. Don’t label it. Just feel the energy of it.

Before you label it, it is not fear. It is simply energy. Give it a little “air time” within. Simply become acutely aware of it as nothing more than energy you’ve been resisting and then after welcoming it, let go of it as best you can.

Moving Up Into Courageousness

It you find it difficult to feel the energy that you have labeled “fear” and Release it without getting stuck in resistance, then try this: Sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, and smile and decide to move up into courageousness. That will help pull you up into courageousness instantly.

From that place of courageousness, pull up some more of the feeling of fear, and simply welcome it. Just by welcoming the fear, you will notice it dissolves of its own accord. You can also visualize a door or a window, or even a fire hydrant, and just let the energy pour out.

Resistance Creates Fear

If you had no resistance, then you would have no fear. It is only your resistance that holds it in place. Fear has no substance of its own and so relies on your resistance to make it real. Non-resistance is also known as Love and Acceptance. To help eliminate resistance, take Lester’s very powerful Goals & Resistance Course.

An exercise you can do right now to help eliminate resistance, and which would improve all aspects of your life immediately, would be to do an Attachment & Aversions exercise on “Resistance” itself.

Use your workbook often. It helps to write things down, as often our mind tries to distract us with habitual thinking to keep us from Re- leasing our feelings.

Knocking Out The Root of All Fear

To truly eliminate all fear and anxiety from your life, you need to knock out the root of all fear. As you’ll recall from the course, fear has a common root. The common root every feeling shares is “wanting to survive,” which is also the “fear of dying” program. When you knock that out, you’re home free.

But, as Lester has said, most of us are afraid to pull up our fear, as we equate the feeling of fear with dying itself and so often find it difficult to Release on it directly. If you are ready to truly tackle the “fear of dying” program and the “wanting to be separate” programs and have already taken the Goals & Resistance Course, consider taking the “What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?” Course,  which is an extremely advanced course that specifically addresses these “Master Control” programs. Knocking out the underlying fear of dying will knock out HUGE amounts of negativity that has been suppressed for years and subconsciously chasing you around—likely without you even realizing it.

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