Live like the bee, and you will be so free!


Have you ever considered this: work can actually be a way you escape from yourself? I’m not just talking about the work you do in your place of employment but also housework and projects at home.

You may look at work as an obligation and resist the work you’re doing. And constantly be thinking about the time you’ll get off work; your lunch hour, your evening, your weekends, the time you’ll be able to relax, etc. You may even think of yourself as “stuck in a meaningless job.”

But here’s the thing—what if your work (and all that work entails) is NOT the real problem? And what if boredom, restlessness and anxiety about your work are NOT the real problems either? What if the THOUGHTS of “I wish it were lunch time already” or “I can’t wait till I’m off work at the end of the day” was the real problem.

It’s your THOUGHTS of resistance to what is (e.g., your work) that are the cause of boredom, restlessness, anxiety and seeking future relief. Those THOUGHTS cause work to feel like, well, work! So the smart thing to do is RELEASE those thoughts of “this is boring…” “I want to be finished already.” “I can’t wait till the end of the day.” “I wish there wasn’t so much to do.” “I’m never going to get all this done.”

So whenever you feel overwhelmed with work—see that it is in reality with your own THOUGHTS that are the cause of that overwhelm; then simply RELEASE those thoughts and the associated feelings. That way, your work will flow through you—and work itself out on its own.