When I first started releasing I focused on weight loss and experienced rapid success by dropping a full clothing size. I was fairly new at releasing and stopped when I was suddenly confronted with several life altering situations.

Had I realized the wonderful support that was offered from Larry Crane, I could have called and received personal assistance instantly. However, I stopped releasing for a period of 4 months. When I tried to release again I believed the mind when it told me I just couldn’t do it.

Several interesting phenomena occurred during this period of not releasing.

My weight gradually crept up and I gained back some of the weight that I lost, but not all. This was a first for me. My typical pattern of weight loss had been to lose weight, large amounts at times, and then regain all the weight I had lost back and add more. This did not happen. This was a significant change regarding a deep seated pattern.

Another interesting occurrence regarded my clothing size. Even though I had regained back a good part of the weight I had lost, I was still able to fit into the new clothing size. The new clothes I had purchased all continued to fit. It seems impossible that my weight had increased but it had not affected the size of the body. This was somewhat bewildering but certainly I would never complain about it.

I attended the live Abundance Course to start up my releasing again and have never stopped since then.

This weekend I wore an especially loved outfit that I purchased 10 years ago and could never use. It was one of those impulse purchases of seeing something that I really liked and buying it to fit into when I lost weight. I just was unable to part with this outfit and kept it all these years as a ‘someday.’ I am comfortably wearing it right now.

I am now down 4 clothing sizes by releasing only.

I have never dieted. It has been a natural process with ease. My eating habits have gradually become healthier and healthier. I have experienced no feelings of deprivation.

For example, one morning last December I woke up and felt within that I didn’t need to eat sugar or dessert type foods anymore. There has been no sense of longing for sweets, no sense of loss in not eating them. It has just happened. I serve desserts to family members and friends but have no desire to eat them myself.

One of the issues that are not really covered in dieting books and courses is being able to love and approve of ourselves exactly as we are now.

Perceiving ourselves as overweight or having a poor body image is an open invitation to automatically beat ourselves up.

We disapprove of our size, our shape and our appearance. Even when we lose weight we continue to habitually disapprove of ourselves because we have become conditioned to do so.

We learn to let go of disapproving of ourselves and how to really give ourselves approval through the release technique.

I even learned how to approve of my fat cells.

Releasing does work. If you try it, you’ll like it.