Merry Christmas!

While spending a quiet day on the threshold of the Life Mastery Retreat, I’m taking a moment to tune in to the quiet reverence of what this holiday represents. For many of us with various religions and traditions, this time of year – at its core – is intended to bring people together in love, peace and community.

Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity to bridge the gap between releasing and traditional religious teachings…

Regardless of anyone’s beliefs or spiritual practice, releasing only supports and enhances that which has been taught throughout the centuries. There is no religious principle behind the method of releasing other than the principle of love and realizing one’s own Truth.

Simply, the practice of releasing is nothing more than dropping negative (or non-loving) feelings. That’s all that it’s about.

As the non-loving feelings are released, absolutely nothing is needed to fill the gap left by the absence of negativity. Letting go of non-love leaves nothing but pure love.

And how does this relate to faith? Well, when non-loving feelings are dropped and we internally align ourselves with pure love, we begin to experience a Christ-like consciousness (or any Holy or Higher consciousness). Transcending all beliefs… love is always the answer.

Likewise, when we let go of any form of negativity, to that degree we let go of the sense of what we are not and you move closer to Truth as only each of us can divinely know. This is the Truth that all spiritual practices point to, but each of us must take the journey to know for ourselves.

When one releases, one only lets go of what they are not – never with a need to add anything in its place. One discovers Truth in the simplicity of “I AM.”

So, in the spirit of All that is, I wish each of you Love, Light and Peace this holiday.