Conscious decisions are like a new computer application.

When you install a new application on your computer it’s a good idea to delete or uninstall older applications that could interfere with the new application running properly.

Likewise: When you set a new conscious decision it’s a good idea to “delete” all the old and mostly unconscious decisions that will interfere with your new conscious decision materializing properly.

And there can be a LOT of unconscious decisions that interfere with your new conscious decision.

You may not “see” all the unconscious decisions (beliefs, assumptions, judgments) at first because the ego doesn’t want you to look at them or see them for what they are.

So it’s a good idea to write down your new conscious decision at the top of a blank piece of paper and then read it out loud to yourself.

Then, write down whatever counter-decision or assumption or belief that pops into your mind (whatever pops into your mind is coming from your unconscious mind and should be written down on your piece of paper so you are seeing it in its true light).

Just keep writing down whatever thought, feeling or counter-belief comes to mind.

And keep going.

Keep reading your conscious decision statement (or your goal if you prefer to call it that) and be very vigilant of whatever thought, feeling or belief arises that “tells you you can’t have your goal”.

The more you just go with the process the easier it will get. And the more thoughts, feelings and beliefs from your unconscious will surface.

Don’t try to second guess anything that arises in you.

Your ego wants you to second guess yourself.

It wants you to doubt yourself.

And it wants to distract you with reasons why you should give up on this exercise or not give it enough time or focus.

But the more you stay with this exercise of reading your new conscious decision and then writing down whatever thought, feeling or belief pops into your mind the more you open up to having a YES feeling around HAVING your conscious decision (your goal).

It’s that YES I FEEL LIKE I HAVE IT sense that you want to get to with this exercise.

Once you get to that place of courageousness, acceptance or peace inside around the idea of your conscious decision, you have “installed” your conscious decision (“computer application” into your very own “hard drive” and you will then get to experience the “print out” of your conscious decision as it materializes in your daily “external” life.

And the cherry on the cake?

Your mind (and energy) will be so much clearer too.

You’ll feel so much more freer inside.

And that, in and of itself, unlocks so much more creative energy inside you.

Creative energy that will spill over into other aspects of your life.

Creative energy that you can also use to consciously create other goals and intentions in your life.

When you have a clear, free, quiet mind you have so much more power available to yourself to create the life you choose for yourself.

It all starts with a free, clear mind though.

Can you handle effortless creation?

If so, join us in our next retreat and you’ll be able to consciously create the life you choose with so much effortless ease you will wonder how you could have possibly struggled all these years!