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The Abundance Course (including all audios & workbook exercises) is now a turnkey app solution and available whenever you wish from your mobile device(s).

For over fifty years and over 100,000 graduates, the Release Technique has proven to be a powerful, unique, simple, and very practical tool that will dramatically improve the quality of your life.

How? This innovative emotional release technique will teach you step by step how to eliminate any and all negativity on the spot—leaving you in a powerfully positive position to create only the good things in life that you desire.

It includes 31 audio sessions (20 course audios + 11 bonus audios) in all and a 123 page workbook (original price $279). Harvard, Columbia, UCLA & Penn State University Studies validate the effectiveness of the Release Technique.

Available for Android

The Release Technique shows you how to:

Release Technique
  • Achieve financial freedom!
  • Have more love in all of your relationships.
  • Have radiant health and wellness.
  • Learn about attacking anxiety and depression.
  • Eliminate your stress at its root.
  • Go beyond anger management.
  • Lose weight, quit smoking, stop gambling and drop other addictions & bad habits.
  • Find lasting inner peace, joy & love.