How often do you tell yourself that you can’t do something?  Believing we can’t do something is a belief that we can begin to challenge.  If we believe, for whatever reasons, that we can’t do something, we will resist (with all of our might), in an effort to hold onto our belief.  In the long run, what will we accomplish by believing that the limitation or excuse is true? NOTHING…  Nothing can be accomplished because of holding in mind a thought or belief that suggests “I can’t…”  If we challenge our “I can’t” thoughts, behind them we will find, that there is also a very strong “I won’t” thought running in relation to whatever we are resisting.  Let’s say the issue is:  Taking out the garbage.  In truth, it’s not that we can’t take out the garbage. Right?  What is actually going on is that we made a decision that is more like, “I don’t want to take out the garbage.”  So therefore the perceived “I can’t…” is really an “I don’t want to do it… or possibly I won’t do it!” in disguise.  Do you see the difference?  Looking at “I can’t…” as being correct equals defeat, disempowerment, or perhaps giving up.  It is saying there is nothing we can do to take responsibility for the issue regarding our taking out the garbage (or whatever issue or concern that we are working on).

However, if we change our thinking and accept that we can take out the garbage (something else), even though we may choose to avoid doing so, is a very different picture.  Each time we challenge our “I can’t or I won’t” thoughts, we are choosing to move beyond being stuck in limited point of view.  Lester Levenson and Larry Crane have said many times, “There are no impossibles, if we aren’t holding them in mind.”  In believing you can’t, take out the garbage (or accomplishing whatever you would like to accomplish) that’s exactly what you will be creating.  Every “I can’t…” is showing us resistance, fear, or our not wanting to do a particular task.  A better way of handling the issue of “I can’t or I won’t” is to begin asking ourselves better questions.  If you don’t want to take out the garbage (or do whatever challenge you are facing), admit that.  Taking responsibility is first step in moving into courageousness, acceptance and peace.  If we are being spiteful as referenced in the example of taking out the garbage, we should take a moment and notice who or what we are resenting. Whatever is causing us resistance is something that is pointing out that we are in disharmony or disagreement.  Sometimes there maybe something else going on at a deeper level (i.e. overwhelmed, pain, wanting to change something or trying to figure out what to do).  By looking at issue even more closely is looking beyond what is on the surface.

So how do we turn around the beliefs of “I can’t or I won’t?”  Every time we face or challenge issues or concerns believing “I can’t,” is moving towards resolution.  The resistance or fear will remain within our subconscious mind, until we decide to move towards it and begin correcting what we are holding in mind.  Trust that you can let go of believing you can’t do something… Trust you can have and achieve anything that you would like to have, do or be.  Hold in mind ONLY what you would like to have!  See yourself doing it.  Having it!  And, enjoying it!  Every time you believe you can, you will find a way to accomplish your goal.  Each “I CAN!” will take you further.  Give yourself permission to easily and successfully move beyond holding onto limiting thoughts such as I can’t.  Decide to step out of your comfort zone.  Decide, “I CAN!”