Moving outside of your comfort zone area is deciding to do something different, have something new, or be something other than what currently exists.  Sometimes moving beyond the comfort zone may also entail pondering other choices.  Surely at times stepping outside of our comfort zone may be joyous and optimistic.  And yet at other times, our considering doing something else or having a different result seems frightening, confusing or challenging.

Anytime we are considering doing something new, having something other than what currently exists, or experiencing something beyond limitations and expectations requires three important elements.  The first issue involves making a decision and positively identifying what it is that you would like to accomplish or experience.  The next issue includes strongly deciding to pursue your goal.  This step includes taking appropriate action towards achieving your goal, having realistic expectations and timelines, and continuously moving towards having the positive outcome that you wish to create.  The third element involves the willingness and determination to see the goal through completion.

If however we are waiting for someone else to decide on our behalf as to what we can have or experience, we are short-changing ourselves from living life to the fullest.  We are also in a sense giving away our personal power of making important decisions on our own behalf.  In truth, no one outside of you makes decisions on your behalf.  Your own reality, beliefs and all decisions come directly from you.  Others may influence you towards or against something, although the final consideration, decision or authority comes directly from you.  In each moment we are deciding favorably or unfavorably, although often don’t see this firsthand.

Let’s take this for checking…  Suppose someone suggests ordering a pizza.  You may agree, disagree, or may offer another suggestion.  You may also indicate that you have already eaten, or that you have other plans.  Regardless of your response, it should be based on honestly communicating your preference; because no one other than you knows what you really want.  If we are agreeing for the sake of making others happy, we are also in need of practicing being comfortable in making decisions that allow us to always feel secure and content.  If we choose to “go along” to please another (others), we aren’t pleasing anyone.

Remember, “Everyone has the ability to make better choices!”  It’s time for all of us to fully embrace adulthood, our individual sense of style and preference, and be willing to step out of our comfort zone willingly.  If making the step out of your comfort zone seems awkward or difficult, it may be because you aren’t aware that this option is available to you.  The more we can gently step past our comfort zone, the more we can feel comfortable and confident.  By making better choices and choosing to “Have – Do – Be” something other than what we have been offering to ourselves, is allowing each choice to be considered move favorably.  Moving out of our comfort zone also includes actively and proactively participating in our own life.

Having others make decisions on our behalf is something we learned and conditioned ourselves to believe is necessary during childhood.  On some level, we may still think that others know what is best for us.  These types of thoughts processes may be somewhat outdated and in need of revision.  Clearly, each of us has gained much knowledge in various areas of interest or expertise, and yet there are always options that we may not have fully considered.  Whenever we ask for help or recommendations from another, it is purely for consideration of our making a better decision in regards to matters that we are working on.

If we are waiting for others to decide what we can have, or cannot have, pretty much translates into our belittling ourselves.  We are also avoiding making decisions; which is our actually making a decision to let others decide for us, and then we settle and agree in disagreement.  Waiting for others to decide on our behalf, avoiding making important decisions for ourselves, or struggling to figure things out, points out we are stuck and don’t know what to do.  Clearly these options keep us stuck in a comfort zone, that isn’t very comfortable.  Our remaining stuck is a choice that we made and is also an indication that we are making limited choices.

Each time that we make a positive decision is offering us an opportunity to feel empowered and involved.  Deciding to stop acting or responding in ways that are non-productive is taking a step out of the comfort zone.  Making choices to let go of feeling stuck is choosing to raise the bar towards seeing things as possible, achieving excellence, and being done with regrets.  Making better choices always allows for better outcomes—therefore there is no need to settle or do without.

Unless we decide to favorably move beyond being stuck, we will remain stuck.  Deciding to have more goodness, more peace, and more abundance are certainly good choices to make.  Nothing is out of your reach.  Lester Levenson states, “There are no impossibles, if we aren’t holding them in mind.  Hold in mind ONLY what you would like to have or experience in a positive manner.  Believe you can easily move from I can’t to “I can!” Also believe your goals are worthy and possible to achieve.  Positive thoughts will help open up doorways and pathways you may have never previously considered.” Decide today to live safely, comfortably and happily!